Afternoon Brief, March 14


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Wine Medicine Could Prevent ‘Loss of Limbs’
A pharmaceutical company has extracted a molecule found in red wine and turned it into a medicine which could help prevent loss of limbs in diabetes sufferers…

Today’s News

Love California wine? Here’s why you may want to stock up now
California wine producers, surfing a wave of export growth, are facing a pivotal moment. You might call it feast before famine…

Vignadores de Carignan, the first true Chilean appellation is set to be a reality
The name is derived from vino, the Spanish word for wine, combined with the G from Carignan.  VIGNO represents old-vine Carignan wines from the Maule Valley…

Kennewick Washington reports interest in grape waste treatment plant
The design work for a wine effluent treatment plant is under way to help kick-start development of a new wine-inspired development along Columbia Drive in Kennewick…

French anti-alcohol lobby takes on wine trade in rare debate

Getting to the Root of Tastes in Wine

Constellation Brands and the Post-Acquisition Revival

Connecticut’s Wine Industry to Get Legislative Support

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Cracksdown on ‘Irresponsible’ Ads

The world of wine, is still very male, according to viticulturists galas

Not All Michigan Restaurateurs Toasting New ‘BYOB of Wine’ Law

New wine business and entrepreneurship certificate available at Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) online

What do Chinese wine buyers want?

California’s intense drought is staying put

Oregon wine country stars in epic Travel Channel road trip

Top Stories of the Week

Adapted Space Technology Promises Huge Benefits for Wineries and Breweries

Big Wine tightened its grip on the U.S. market in 2013

St. Helena vineyard manager charged for allegedly stealing grapes

Managing grapevine frost risks by the numbers

Hobbit Wine Goes Under The Hammer

Wine Trade ‘Losing Touch’ with Millennials

California Vines Age Prematurely

Wine in a Can and a Wine Tasting Truck: How to Win in Wine, Part Three

When Buying U.S. Wine, Europeans are Cheapskates

American Canyon giant wine warehouses start in Napa

Jackson Family Wines Hires Steve Heimoff as Communications & Content Expert

Birth of a Next-Wave Wine Salesman

San Francisco viticulturists take urban winemaking to new level by growing grapes in the city

Is Napa cabernet sauvignon worth its price tag?

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