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5 Unified Exhibitors You Should Have Visited


Randox Food Diagnostics

Randox offered an excellent opportunity for wineries looking to expand their wine analysis capacity. They brought in their fully automated RX Monaco and offered on site demonstrations of its testing capabilities. The RX Monaco can perform 170 analyses per hour with results beginning in less than 13 minutes, so you could drop off your wine for testing and return later for results. The test menu includes: acetic acid, copper, ammonia, ethanol, glucose/fructose, iron, lactic acid, malic acid, potassium, total antioxidant status (TAS) and total SO2. Available this June will be Citric Acid and NOPA. The RX Monaco is a top notch and cost effective wine analyzer worth testing out.

Randox at Unified 2014

Infaco USA

Infaco has produced handheld vineyard management tools since 1984, and they continue to innovate and expand their line of products to make vineyard work safer and more efficient. This year, they introduced their new EPAv2 Suckering Tool at Unified. Check out the video above and see a demonstration of how light (under 6 pounds), well balance, and easy to use it is. It of course integrates with the existing product line using the same NiMH battery pack, but also offers versatility in the length of the rod and the type of flyweights used depending on the hardiness of the vines. A good investment in efficiency and manual labor stress reduction that makes it possible to work for longer with accuracy and speed.

G3 Enterprises

G Ink Rainy Day at Unified 2014G3 Enterprises actually has a range of interesting and innovative products ranging from the GTREE Paper to Gfresh screw caps for sparkling wines, but their new G Ink was really impressive. The goal of this new ink is to make an impact on shelf appeal, by giving label and packaging designers a new range of options to impress the consumer, and the results are impressive. The G Ink has Thermochromic capabilities, meaning that it is sensitive to temperature fluctuation so that the design can change depending on the temperature of the wine. On the Rainy Day label rain drops appear when the wine is chilled. The ink is also Bichromic, which means that the colors on the label and capsule can change depending on the viewing angle giving the bottle an added dimension and the possibility of including hidden messages on the label. All of which makes for consumer engaging packaging that sure to make an impression.


Laffort at Unified 2014Food culture is becoming increasingly interested conscious of how and with what food and beverages are produced, which creates new market segments and opportunities. Laffort has introduced their new fining product Vegecoll. Not only is it allergen free, but it is based on a potato protein that has a high reactivity with wine proteins and effective clarification properties. If your producing vegan and allergy friendly wines, but don’t want to compromise on the fining of your wine, Laffort’s Vegecoll might be for you.

Cambrian Innovation

The Cambrian Innovation EcoVolt could be the game changer for wastewater treatment. We’re feeling the scarcity of water resources in California right now, but the EcoVolt technology was actually originally developed and tested at NASA to operate in the extremely resource scarce environment of space. The system not only treats the wastewater, so that you can reuse the water, but the way it does it is by having electrically active microbes feed of the organic waste, and produce a gas byproduct that can be used to fuel winery operations or generate electricity. If you’re looking for a sustainable solution for your wastewater treatment, the EcoVolt is definitely worth a look.

Matt Silver, CEO Cambrian Innovation, Unified 2014

Dr. Matthew Silver, CEO Cambrian Innovation

By Kim Badenfort



  1. You forgot to mention Garvey Corporation. We had new displays a brand new Blu ray of our equipment and pressureless accumulation solutions proven to increase line efficiency.


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