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Youngberg Hill Welcomes General Manager, Carrie Bonney – From Boots to Bottles 

April 28th - Nicolette Nickolaou, founder, and Wayne Bailey, winegrower of Youngberg Hill Vineyards in McMinnville, OR, are pleased to welcome Carrie Bonney, the...

Oregon Wine a Leader in Biodynamics

Even though Oregon only produces one percent of the wines made in the United States, this states accounts for 52% of total vineyard acres that received biodynamic® certification from Demeter USA, a not-for-profit that offers biodynamic certification to farms.

Afternoon Brief, March 6

How Wine Businesses Are Using Emerging Technologies: Technology plays a vital role in all aspects of our lives, but with the speed of new developments, the choice of what tech to use and how to use it can be dizzying. At the "Emerging Technologies in the Wines and Spirits Industry" panel held at Vinexpo in New York City on Monday, wine industry professionals discussed the latest platforms and services they're using to help optimize their businesses...

Youngberg Hill Welcomes New DTC Manager Karyn Howard Smith

Wayne Bailey, the owner and winemaker of Youngberg Hill Vineyards in McMinnville, OR, is pleased to welcome Karyn Howard Smith as the winery’s first...

What Does It Take for a Small Family Winery to “Break...

Youngberg Hill is a case study in overcoming distribution challenges and a crowded market  McMinnville, OR, May 31, 2018. It’s the 20-million dollar question on...

Wayne Bailey: Sustainable Farming “Is Just the Right Thing to Do”

Anyone who knows Wayne Bailey knows how important farming is to him. It is where his life began, the son of an Iowa sharecropper. And it is where his life has lead him. Through years of business success as an engineer and a consultant to high profile companies like McDonald’s, Bailey’s work eventually lead him to the vineyards of Burgundy. This was a turning point for Bailey and what began as a three month consultancy expanded into two years in the vineyards of Beaune. “The vignerons there consider themselves farmers,” he remembers, “and so do I. I gravitated toward that. I spent time in the vineyards there and my mind was imagining growing grapes and making wine.” Bailey returned to farming life making Youngberg Hill in Willamette Valley home and livelihood to the Bailey family.

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2018: A Pillar of Oregon’s Wine Tourism...

Wayne Bailey, a vintner known for sustainable farming practices advises, “The best fertilizer is the farmer’s footprint.” Bailey’s footprint has far exceeded the 50 acres of his Youngberg Hill estate in Willamette Valley to play a vital role in the Oregon wine industry. But Bailey’s feet took a long circuitous career path to Youngberg Hill. Along the way Bailey left his mark and gained experiences and business acumen that prepared him to design a business model that is unique among his wine industry neighbors.

Youngberg Hill Unveils All-Weather Event Center for Year-Round Weddings, Conferences and...

McMinnville AVA Winery & Inn Now Poised to Be the Willamette Valley’s Premier, Year-Round Event Destination McMinnville, OR -- Youngberg Hill, the versatile winery/vineyard/lodging/event destination located...
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