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How to Modulate the Wine Aromatic Evolution by Closure Oxygen Ingress

The aromatic profile of a bottled wine evolves mainly under the influence of oxygen to which it is exposed at bottling and during bottle...

Optimize the Quality of Your Wine for Less Than $5,000

Winemakers have to make critical choices throughout the winemaking process to achieve the ideal sensory profile, quality and shelf-life of their wines. Vinventions' offers numerous...

How to Modulate the Aromatic Expression of Wines by Closure Selection

The aromatic profile of a bottled wine evolves mainly under the influence of oxygen to which it can be exposed at bottling and during...

Afternoon Brief, January 29

Wine Enthusiasts Wine Star Awards celebrated its 20th anniversary Monday night at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. With nearly 1,000 industry luminaries in attendance, the ceremony began with a cocktail reception flanked by a hall of fame and star walk ...

NomaSense PolyScan P200 Incorporates New Expert Rules to Optimize Decision-Making

December 11, 2019 — The Vinventions Enology Team has added new features to its polyphenol analyzer, the NomaSense PolyScan P200. "Expert Rules" are now...

Afternoon Brief, October 23

New Law, Citing Napa as Inspiration, Seeks to Change Status Quo of Farmworker Housing: A new law, drawing upon inspiration from Napas farmworker housing model, could transform the housing landscape for workers and their families statewide. The bill, AB 1783, creates new opportunity for streamlined creation of single-family farmworker housing on surplus agricultural land ...

Wine Quality Solutions Launches the NomaSense™ Oxymeter

The NomaSense™ Oxymeter is the latest addition to the Wine Quality Solutions (WQS) line of portable analyzers. Very easy to use and affordable for...

Monitoring Polyphenols to Improve Wine Quality

Monitoring polyphenols to improve wine quality Polyphenols are major agents of wine stability regarding oxidation reactions. They also are known to have a role...

Afternoon Brief, May 17

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Gallo’s Premium Business Now 30% of Turnover Speaking to Drinks Business in California, Edouard Baijot MW, E &...

Get High Expertise in Gas Management at Bottling

Bottling is the winemaking stage that requires the most attention and expertise in oxygen and carbon dioxide management. Uncontrolled oxygen pick-up at this stage...

Afternoon Brief, May 10

Dry Red Wines' 'Big Tannins' Are Literally Bigger, Study Says: Even casual drinkers can usually identify a wine with big tannins. Tannins emphasize a wines dryness by tingling the side of your mouth or leaving an almost rough feeling on your tongue ...

Oxygen Management to Optimize Sulfite Additions

Would you like to better manage sulfite levels in your wine or put in place low sulfites winemaking strategies? Oxygen management in wines is...

Afternoon Brief, March 29

Saving Wine from the Sober Generation: On the subject of Generation Z, market analysts and the wine trade are rarely in agreement a rash of research pieces suggests that young consumers are increasingly shunning alcohol, while business owners insist that this is a red herring ...

Oxygen Management: How to Extend Wine Shelf-life

Sometimes beneficial and sometimes detrimental, oxygen plays a crucial role in the wine quality. Well managing oxygen pick-up in wine is one of the...

Afternoon Brief, March 1

Gallo to Pay Civil Penalty, Make Safety Improvements to Winery: In a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, E.&.J. Gallo Winery will pay a $58,000 civil penalty and make improvements to address the risk of chemical accidents at its wine production facility in Fresno ...
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