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Afternoon Brief, September 21st

WineAmerica: What’s Wine Worth? $276 Billion: The 2022 Wine Industry Economic Study reveals the true, deep impact of the wine industry on the larger U.S. economy...

Wine’s Most Inspiring People: The Consistent Force Behind Sustainability in Practice

Over the holidays, I stopped to taste the extraordinary array of wines at Castoro Cellars in Paso Robles and almost tripped over the SIP certified sign at the entrance. This winery is proud of their role as an early adapter of Sustainability in Practice (SIP) and the principle of sustainable practices don’t stop with a sign ...

Michigan Winery Farms the First SIP Certified Vineyard Outside of California

WaterFire Vineyards of Michigan is the first out-of-state vineyard to achieve SIP Certified Atascadero, Calif., — WaterFire Vineyards near Torch Lake, Michigan becomes the first...
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