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Afternoon Brief, October 3rd

Napa Valley Finds Itself between a Rock and a Hard Place: Napa Valley wineries confront a growing set of challenges, including regulatory shifts, evolving tourist preferences and market volatility...

Wine: Two New Vinitaly Events in Chicago (October) and Belgrade (November)

New Partners and Stronger Impact for Italian Wine on the International Scenario (Verona – Italy, 2 October 2023) A busy autumn for the internationalization of Vinitaly...

Afternoon Brief, April 3rd

Remembering Al Scheid, Founder of Scheid Family Wines: It is with great sadness that Scheid Family Wines shares the news of the passing of Al Scheid, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Scheid Family Wines, at the age of 91...

Afternoon Brief, January 30th

COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on the Wine Industry Sets the Stage for 2023 Opportunities: The challenges of the past few years have driven significant change in the wine sector, and 2023 will require continued adaptation...

Afternoon Brief, January 13th

Jane Anson Publishes the First Wine Article Written by Artificial Intelligence Tool ChatGPT : Less than 24 hours ago, Jane Anson, wine writer and publisher of JaneAnson.com commissioned an article on how the new ChatGPT technology can be used within the fine wine industry...

Afternoon Brief, April 11th

Napa County Wineries Sued Over Website Accessibility Call for More Clear Compliance Terms: Dozens of Napa County wineries have been sued for website accessibility non-compliance in the last year, causing frustration and confusion for the businesses hit with the lawsuits...

Afternoon Brief, October 21st

French Wine Attracts Younger US Men: A recent wine survey revealed some interesting findings about US wine consumers...

Vinitaly International Academy Agile Edition 2021 Italian Wine Ambassador Course

April 15th - Due to the current situation, we are unable to travel to bring you VIA in person this year, however we have...

Vinitaly International Academy Verona Agile Edition 2021 Italian Wine Ambassador Course

April 15th - The 18th Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) Italian Wine Ambassador Certification Course Agile Edition will be held in two modules: Online theoretical...

Afternoon Brief, April 13th

California Wine Growers on a Tightrope? Annual Survey Results In: Wine grape growers, like most fruit growers, are fiercely independent. Just ask Jeff Bitter. For the past several years, the president of  Allied Grape Growers has tried to get the message across that the industry has to deal with an oversupply of wine grapes that drives down prices...

Vinitaly International Academy Prepares for Next Editions!

April 12th - This week Vinitaly International Academy welcomed 5 new certified Italian Wine Ambassadors into its community, marking 235 Ambassadors and Experts worldwide....

Afternoon Brief, March 17th

WineAmerica Releases 2021 Government Affairs Strategy: WineAmerica, the national association of American wineries, has released a document detailing its overall government affairs strategy and legislative agenda for 2021...

Afternoon Brief, February 25th

Covid's Impact on Wine Tasting: Covid has had a huge impact on how we buy wine, but also on how we enjoy it...

Afternoon Brief, November 25

Supreme Court Opens Another Case of Wine: It looks like the thorny subject of interstate shipping is heading back to the US Supreme Court...

Afternoon Brief, February 28

For almost all of February, the streets in the busiest cities of the world's most-populous nation have been empty. As China has battled to contain the novel coronavirus that causes the disease Covid-19, the economy has been nearly shut down and more than 760 million people have been living under varying degrees of quarantine ...
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