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Oak Infusion Spirals Giving New Oak Impact in Just 6 Weeks!

Oak Infusion Spirals are designed to age wines with new oak without the cost of new barrels. Either through bung hole or in tank...

Oak Infusion Spiral Is the Smartest Oak Alternative

Premium oak aging without the high cost and hassles of new barrels. Extraction as fast as chips but without the chippy results, the Oak...

The Smartest Oak Alternative

The Smartest Oak Alternative: Large surface area, tiny footprint solves high cost, hassles of new barrel. Dual-grain exposure speeds extraction and submersion with refined...

Afternoon Brief, October 22

What to Expect When Cal Expo Hosts the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium for 2020 - With the move to the Cal Expo for the 2020 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (UW&GS), both attendees and exhibitors might have questions about what to expect. What will be different, how does the facility impact how the trade show is presented, and are there changes to the programming? What is the situation with lodging and transportation ...

Smart Oak Alternative with Largest Surface Area in the Smallest Package

The Oak Infusion Spiral gives your wine new oak impact without the new oak barrel. A smart oak alternative that has the largest surface...

Afternoon Brief, November 1

Winery Association Leaders Converge in Washington, D.C. for Inaugural Conference: "You can't find a successful wine region that doesn't have a strong winery association tied to it." So proclaims George Christie, President of the Wine Industry Network and primary organizer of the Wine Association Leadership Conference that's taking place in conjunction with USBevX 2017, this coming February 22-24 in Washington, DC...