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The Smartest Oak Alternative


The Smartest Oak Alternative: Large surface area, tiny footprint solves high cost, hassles of new barrel. Dual-grain exposure speeds extraction and submersion with refined and integrated results.

  • Low cost per gallon
  • Eliminates labor, space, time and cost of new barrels
  • Easier to insert, remove and do battonage–one barrel pack has just six connected sections, compared to 13, 16 or 17 sections in other manufacturers’ thru-bung sticks and chains of oak
  • Displaces only 0.25 gallon, compared to 1 to 1.5 gallons from barrel inserts
  • Adds refined new oak in weeks, not months
  • Stays fresh in its original protective plastic packaging in long term storage, if necessary
  • Four toast choices
  • Quickly masks a wine flaw
  • Adds new oak before bottling
  • Maximized cross-grain exposure speeds extraction and submersion into wine, adds layered complexity
  • Available from stock
  • Clean, tight-grained French oak from Vosges and American oak from Minnesota
  • Air-seasoned a minimum of 24 months
  • Choice of single-toast and multi-toast barrel packs
  • Years of proven results from producers at all levels: from less than 1000 cases to over 500,000
  • Tank-size Oak Spiral packs available for Flextanks and stainless tanks
  • Easy dosage adjustment

The Barrel Mill
WIN Expo Booth: 707

In 2005, The Barrel Mill introduced a smarter oak alternative that delivers efficiency, economy, and elegance product that fully extracts in weeks, not months, adds new oak impact at low cost, and integrates with wine with a refined quality that rivals an oak barrel. We engineered a low-cost method of forming a precision spiral cut into premium oak that maximizes grain exposure in a size small enough to fit through a bung hole.

Our convection oven toasting permits optimal control of temperature exposure, timed for uniformity of depth. We contain and connect six Oak Spirals inside a food-grade, nylon mesh that makes insertion and removal clean and trouble-free.

The Oak Infusion Spiral’s fast submersion in wine gets extraction started immediately, completed in just six weeks, triggering early onset of the wine-oak integration process. The Oak Infusion Spiral is made in bung-hole size as well as tank size and available in French, American, and Eastern European oak.

The Oak Infusion Spiral is designed, patented and manufactured in Avon, Minnesota, by The Barrel Mill.

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