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Premium Crush Facility Ramps Up Equipment, Operations and Hospitality Services

Since 2016, Sugarloaf Crush has put together a winning combination of stellar production equipment and tailored processes designed to create ultra-premium wines of all varieties. As...

Afternoon Brief, December 15th

International Experts Discuss a Reimagined Wine Industry at Wine2Wine Business Forum: At the virtual exhibition, professionals from around the globe focused their attention on inclusivity, and how transparency, empathy, and equity can transform the business of wine...

Crush Facility Focuses on State-of-the-Art Winemaking with Premium Producers in Mind

Ideally situated in in Sonoma Valley—just 45 minutes from the heart of Napa Valley and a short drive from the Russian River AVA—Sugarloaf Crush (SLC)...

Custom Crush Winery Adds Hospitality and DTC Services for Clients

“Sugarloaf Crush offers a top-of-the-line production environment, but the added hospitality services are the clincher,” says winemaker Ted Weisser, who makes his Satyre brand at Sugarloaf and is now spearheading the new Sonoma Vintners Studio at Sugarloaf Crush.

Sugarloaf Crush Welcomes New Director of Winemaking & Operations

Jeff Restel has joined the Sugarloaf Crush’s Winemaking team as the new Director of Winemaking & Operations. Prior Director of Winemaking Operations, Mike Lucia,...

Afternoon Brief, May 11

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Stagecoach Vineyard Seller Buys Napa Winery The family who sold the 600-acre Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa Valley to...

Afternoon Brief, March 8

California's Trailblazing Women Winemakers: The First 20 Years (1965 to 1984): Women and men alike have long been involved in the production of wine in California, but historically few women were known as winemakers. In 2012, when we began our project on California Women Winemakers, a key goal was to identify the state's women winemakers and illuminate their contributions to the wine industry...

A New Approach to Custom Crush

The new Sugarloaf Crush facility in Kenwood is built with all the modern amenities of an ultra-premium winery, home to prestigious brands, but not...