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Afternoon Brief, August 21

Wineries Harvest While Wine Country Burns: Large swathes of California continued to burn on Thursday from fires ignited by more than 10,000 lightning strikes. Firefighters are desperately overworked. Yet, even as homes and a hospital were evacuated, many wineries report clear skies and no smoke in the vineyard...

Afternoon Brief, August 20

Wildfires Rage in Multiple California Wine Regions: Blazes in Napa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz and Santa Lucia are burning out of control, threatening wineries, vineyards and thousands of homes...

Shannon Ridge Acquires Steele Wines, Welcoming a New Family of Wine

LOWER LAKE, CA - Effective August 17th, Shannon Ridge Family of Wines announced the acquisition of Steele Wines, of Finley, California. Shannon Ridge has...

Afternoon Brief, August 19

Hennessey Fire Threatens Napa's Oldest Family-Owned Winery: There’s a saying in Aimee Sunseri’s family: never skip a harvest. It’s perhaps especially poignant advice because six generations’ worth of winemakers and grape growers have heeded it...

Man of Steele: 50 Harvests and Counting

There aren’t many of Jed Steele’s contemporaries still making wine. Most have hung up their hoses and gone fishing, or passed on to the great vineyard in the sky. Few have as many stories to tell as this man. And far fewer have made as many wines from as many different places. And fewer still can claim to have been at the forefront of the creation of two powerhouse AVAs: Mendocino and Lake County. 

Steele Wines Updates Labels to Reflect More Accurate Appellation Information

(KELSEYVILLE, Calif.) - Lake County winemaker Jed Steele has been making wine longer than many of his customers have been enjoying it, but even...
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