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Finger Lakes Wineries Overwhelmed by Grape Harvest

“If there’s a running theme to this year’s harvest in the Finger Lakes, for most growers it is probably higher yields,” notes Hans Walter-Peterson Researcher from Cornell in a recent Veraison to Harvest Report

Finding the World’s Best Wines in the Finger Lakes

Three times on Wine Spectator’s top 100 listing, Ravines have a proven mastery of dry Rieslings. But how do you consistently create high quality Riesling? The Finger Lakes area is New York State’s largest wine region. The focus here is Riesling and with such superb results as autumn harvests are being converted into some of the best Rieslings in the World. “… and New York Rieslings don’t come any better than those from Ravines,” noted Eric Asimov New York Times Wine Critic.

Riesling Vines in High Demand

By Randy Agness – Times Wine Columnist You can call, email or visit the two largest producers of Vinifera Riesling grapevines in the Finger Lakes,...

El Nino Brings New Concerns to Finger Lakes Vineyards

By Randy Agness After two consecutive years of record setting cold temperatures and severe frost conditions during bloom, Finger Lakes vineyard managers were hoping for...

SABMiller Accepts Budweiser Takeover Bid in Wake of Rising Craft Beer...

By Randy Agness The King of Beers, Budweiser, grows its worldwide beverage empire. SABMiller finally accepted a takeover by InBev after the fifth attempt by...

Grave Concerns Dot Finger Lakes Grape Harvest

By Randy Agness As Issue 2 of the weekly Veraison to Harvest e-newsletter published by the Cornell Enology Extension program indicates, the vineyard managers and...

Prices Heading Higher for Finger Lakes Rieslings

By Randy Agness “I’ve thought about this for a few years,” said Michael Warren Thomas, host of “The Grapevine – Radio for Wine Lovers on...
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