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Disruptive Irrigation Tech Company Wins Award, Revolutionizes Water Delivery Systems for...

The definition of a disruptive company is one that causes “radical change in an existing industry or market through being innovative.” (Oxford Languages). This...

Precision Agriculture – Mapping a Path to Success

The use of PA is an essential tool in sustainable farming practices and, in some instances, a valuable tool to achieve compliance with local or regional governmental regulations. The previous editorial also discussed the importance of collecting sound, reliable data as critical elements to successfully use PA in farming management.

Precision Agriculture – An Essential Tool for Effective Management Strategies

During my tenure as a Soils Scientists at Coastal Viticultural Consultants (CVC), I have observed in recent years that the concept of precision agriculture (PA) has gained coverage in the press and agricultural industry technical meetings, and has increased in its implementation. Precision agriculture seems to have a breath of definitions, beliefs and aspects within the agricultural community.