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Grape Shortage Exacerbated as Growing Demand Collides with Bad Weather and...

Kevin Atticks, the longtime executive director of the Maryland Wineries Association, has seen a rapid growth of wineries in his state and others around it the last 10 years. It’s a business model that continues to outpace vineyards, which cover 800 acres across Maryland with another 100 new acres not yet producing.

Developing a Research Cooperative for Winemakers to Experiment

By Paul Vigna For years, Matthieu Finot was explaining in a phone conversation, a number of winemakers connected to the Monticello Wine Trail were experimenting...

Afternoon Brief, December 22

Despite Protectionism Fears, People Will Want to Continue Trading Wine Worldwide: Following the shock outcomes from events like Brexit and the U.S. election, concerns over a rise in protectionist measures is putting businesses around the globe on edge...