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Musing on Smoke Taint from Harvest 2020

Most of us want to forget the bitter heartbreak of harvest 2020. In fact, several winemakers approached to participate in this survey, declined, citing PTSD and the wish to move on...

Weather Wisdom from El Dorado Wine Region Winemakers and Growers

A week of steep temperatures put vintners on the precipice of irrigation - only to get relief from a cooling trend (June 1, 2020) Placerville,...

A Small Winery’s Cellar and Vineyard Adjusts During COVID 19

Necessity, Flexibility and a Hands-on Routine at Madroña El Dorado Wine Region, CA (April 6, 2020) Paul and Maggie Bush, grape growers and owners of  Madroña Vineyards and Rucksack Cellars, in...
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