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Afternoon Brief, May 30th

Federal Judge Rules Provi’s Antitrust Case Against Southern Glazer’s and RNDC Will Proceed: Today, a federal judge ruled the antitrust complaint filed by Provi, the largest online marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, against the nation’s two largest wine and spirits distributors, Southern Glazer’s Wines and Spirits (Southern) and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), will move forward as the court denied a Motion to Dismiss “in its entirety” filed by the defendants...

Afternoon Brief, May 21st

Feds Prepare to Call Wine Unsafe: Fears are rising that health authorities in the US will label wine as unsafe to consume in any quantity...

Afternoon Brief, April 29th

Labor Department Sets Sweeping New H-2A Foreign Guestworker Rule: The U.S. Department of Labor has adopted a new rule it said will protect foreign seasonal farmworkers from being abused, imposing sweeping regulations the head of an agricultural employers association called "offensive."...

Afternoon Brief, April 23rd

Wine Industry Makes Sustainability Push with New Packaging Alliance: A new alliance of wine brands is launching a push for sustainable packaging solutions across the US wine industry...

Afternoon Brief, April 15th

North Bay Wine Growers Are Having a Tough Year, as Cheap Bulk Imports Increase: April 2024 marks Sonoma County Wine Month, a celebration of Sonoma County's rich wine heritage, yet local winegrowers are seeing declining wine sales and grape sales...

Afternoon Brief, March 26th

President of Treasury Americas, Ben Dollard to Keynote 2024 Wine Sales Symposium: Wine Industry Network (WIN) has announced Ben Dollard, President of Treasury Americas, as the distinguished keynote speaker for the upcoming Wine Sales Symposium...

Afternoon Brief, March 19th

Should SVB Continue to Produce the Annual DtC Report?: Silicon Valley Bank goes to great lengths and costs to provide this report to the industry gratis. Still, it's a partnership with you: Without survey responses, they can't produce this industry resource...

Afternoon Brief, March 18th

Founding Winemaker James Hall Buys Back Patz & Hall from Ste. Michelle Wine Estates: James Hall, the founding partner and winemaker, has repurchased Patz & Hall winery from Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, which has owned the winery since 2016...

Afternoon Brief, March 12th

Illicit Alcohol Worth Millions Found in South Africa Warehouse: The discovery of millions of rand in wine has been found in a warehouse in South Africa by law enforcement...

Afternoon Brief, February 20th

Grape Growers Being Paid 1970s Rates Say They Are at Breaking Point in Australia’s Largest Wine Region: Farmers in Australia's biggest wine grape growing region are preparing for crisis talks as prices plummet to early 1970s rates...

Afternoon Brief, February 12th

Napa Finds Itself in Court: Napa authorities – and several of the region's wineries – have been ordered to attend court, but no one is quite sure why...

Afternoon Brief, February 6th

WineVit State of the Industry Session Looks at National Challenges to Wine Consumption and Local Opportunities for Growth: U.S. wine sales down 9 percent in 2023. Twenty million gallons of oversupply. Gen Z only drinking 9 percent of wine. Fifty-two percent of young consumers believe drinking alcohol is bad for their health...

Afternoon Brief, February 2nd

‘Emergency’ €80 Million Promised to French Winegrowers Amid Farmer Protests: France's government has promised an €80m 'emergency fund' for crisis-hit winemakers, as ministers also try to de-escalate widespread farmer protests covering many agricultural sectors...

Afternoon Brief, January 29th

Napa's Stance on Wine at Stake: Napa's Board of Supervisors election in March could see the wine lobby's influence in local politics diluted...

Afternoon Brief, January 22nd

Bomb Blows Up French Wine War: A dispute between French producers and importers of Spanish wine is getting darker, with violence returning to the south of France...