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Afternoon Brief, September 14

Vineyards in a Hurry to Harvest Grapes as Hurricane Florence Looms Closer: Grocery stores aren't the only places experiencing a rush before the storm, some wineries across central Virginia are hurrying to harvest grapes. Winemakers say they're harvesting their crop about a week ahead of schedule...

Afternoon Brief, April 17

Making Wine on Shaky Ground: Industry Looks for Answers to Seismic Safety in the Cellar: The 6.0 earthquake that shook Napa Valley in the wee hours of the morning last August did a lot more than rattle nerves and break a few bottles of fine wine...

Revision of CDFA regulations governing grapevine nursery stock production

The California Grapevine Registration & Certification Program, administered by CDFA, aims to eliminate specific grapevine diseases such as leafroll, fanleaf, corky bark, stem-pitting and fleck that are spread from vine to vine by grafting and/or vegetative propagation
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