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Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2018: Defender of the Consumer Palate and...

Tim Hanni, one of two resident Americans to receive the title Master of Wine and well-known industry myth-buster, would like the wine industry to stop foisting untruths upon an unsuspecting public. “The whole business of wine education is sadly wrong and does no service to consumers,” he says. “It’s group think. We really don’t know anything about consumers. The industry has its head up its anatomy.”

Rosé Revealed: 9 Winemakers Share Their Styles & Approaches

Rosé is definitely the big buzz these days, with wine drinkers of all ages, and not just millennials (21 to 39) going crazy for rosés of all hues. Pantone’s 2016 color of the year was, unsurprisingly, Millennial Pink, and it is still showing up all over.

Increased Competition for Labor Leaves Wine Hanging

The numbers don’t lie: there has been a steady loss off immigrant labor back across the Mexican border for the past 10 years, and it’s creating a true brain drain.

Allies or Adversaries: The Wine & Weed Debate

Do you think that pot will take a huge bite out of wine sales or is this just a tempest in a teapot? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on which state you’re in, literally and figuratively.

Seismic Shift at Big Basin Vineyards: “At the Time, I Didn’t...

by Laura Ness Owner/Winegrower Bradley Brown of Big Basin Vineyards has been on a long, tumultuous journey as a self-taught winemaker in the middle of...

California’s Greatest Grape Pruner Shapes Concannon Grounds by Shear Magic

by Laura Ness With a simple pair of shears and a compassion for saving trees and bushes others thought were simply in the way, the...

Opportunity Knocks: Challenges for Winery Associations

Regardless of the size of a winegrowing region or the number of wineries or vineyards in it, the biggest challenge is continuing to attract visitors in an ever-evolving marketplace. For many of them, add the challenges of a not large enough budget, not enough hours in the day, and not enough hands on deck.

Next Generation Santa Cruz Mountains: Carrying on Paul Draper’s Legacy

Draper recently announced his retirement after 46 vintages, turning over the keys of the kingdom to a new group of winemakers in the Santa Cruz Mountains, eager to make their mark, yet cognizant of the enormous footsteps left by his departure, not to mention the pressure of sustaining that larger-than-life legacy.

Top Somms Advise Vintners on How to Get on Their Wine...

Sommeliers and wine directors see and taste a lot of wines. What gets their attention? What’s the best way to get attention? We asked them. They were not shy.

Inside the Mind of a Sommelier

Coming up with one of those enormous mega wine lists that typify the high-end dining experience seems a daunting task. What goes through the mind of a sommelier in putting that together? If they’re motivated by garnering an award from Wine Spectator, they know the territory they need to cover and some of the big names they need to include. But not all sommeliers and wine directors are driven by awards.

Wine Buyers Return to Sonoma County Barrel Auction 2016 with Praise...

by Laura Ness In just two short hours and 71 lots representing 14 of Sonoma’s 17 appellations, the inaugural Sonoma County Barrel Auction raised $460,000....

Vintners Build on Success of Inaugural Sonoma County Barrel Auction

by Laura Ness When you put on a highly successful event the first time at bat, you have momentum that drives you to keep the...

Sips & Tidbits From the Santa Lucia Highlands Trade Tasting at...

by Laura Ness Held at Quail Lodge, the Santa Lucia Highlands Trade Tasting on March 21, united a hearty crowd of winemakers, wine brokers, sommeliers,...

A Toast to Father & Daughter Winemaking Teams

There’s a new generation in wine. Fathers and Sons working together is nothing new and certainly not exclusive to the wine industry, but women are increasingly breaking into wine, and some of them come from within established wine families. Just in time for the holidays, we’d like to share some heartwarming stories about how fathers and daughters that are making a difference in the wine business. Let’s meet Marc Mondavi and his daughters, Alycia and Angelina from Aloft Wines, along with Chuck Wagner and his daughter Jenny (Caymus and Emmolo), Kurt Schoeneman and his daughter, Sara, her husband Guy Pacurar and their daughter, Ella (Fathers & Daughters).

El Dorado: An AVA’s Search for The Holy Grail of Identity

by Laura Ness It seems that people have been searching for “El Dorado” ever since this continent was discovered. The literal meaning of the term,...