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Harvest Terroir Challenge 2020

The annual Harvest Terroir Challenge is the only wine competition that judges entries entirely by AVA, taking into account the unique properties that make...

Charles Krug Winery Hosts Basecamp for PG&E to Assist Firefight

When disaster strikes, you do what comes naturally. And when you’ve been around as a viable business since 1861, there’s some deep-rooted innate corporate wisdom that rises to the fore, ready to fight on to face another day...

Living Large: Supersizing Barrels for a Subtler Impact

The two standard sizes for wine barrels, 225 liter/59 gallon barrels, also called a barrique bordeleaise, and its Burgundy counterpart, 228L/60 gallons, have been with us for centuries, and are not about to go out of style any time soon...

Reimagining the Legendary Sleepy Hollow Vineyard

Reimagining The Legendary Sleepy Hollow Vineyard: When E. & J. Gallo Winery (Gallo) of Modesto, purchased the iconic Talbott brand in 2015, a shockwave hit the Monterey wine community...

Why Wine Competitions Are More Relevant Than Ever

Why Wine Competitions Are More Relevant Than Ever: In a world turned upside down by uncertainty, some things stand fast. Wine competitions are part and parcel of the yearly routine of the wine world, as much as tending vines, picking grapes, and making wine go on despite the havoc wreaked by nature or otherwise...

Chris Howell Reflects on 30 Years of Napa Winemaking Through the...

A conversation with Chris Howell, winemaker for this iconic brand atop Spring Mountain since 1990, is bound to cover as much ground as a walking tour of the famed vineyard itself. You find yourself examining the dirt and weeds beneath your feet one minute, inhaling the native plants that surround the place and impart their secret influence the next, and then, you’re perched on the highest rock, taking in the 360 view of the world according to Cain. Or, more correctly, the world according to Howell through the lens of Cain. 

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2020: In Pursuit of Chardonnay Perfection

It’s fitting that David Ramey has a Bachelor’s in Literature because he’s pretty much written the book on crafting fine Chardonnays from distinctive California vineyards. But his influence goes beyond Chardonnay. Ask anyone who has worked with him and they will tell you he’s the genuine article: he works the plan ...

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2020: From South Dakota Farm to California...

How many years does it take to become a full on legend in the wine business? For Jerry Lohr, who grew up in a South Dakota farming family milking the cows twice daily, it took less than 20 to establish J. Lohr Wines as a brand synonymous with quality and value.

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2020: Bringing People Together for the Advancement...

If you’re one of the many wineries—or consumers—that have benefited over the years from the ability to ship across state lines and increased access to choice, you can thank James (Jim) Trezise. He’s been on the front lines helping wineries survive in the face of the 3-tier distribution debacle, guaranteeing that wine lovers can get more of the wines they want, and thereby helping grow the US market for boutique wines.

Wine Price Correction to Intensify in 2020

Michael De Loach of Michael De Loach Brands, acts as a broker and marketing consultant for many small-to-medium brands, like Selby Wines, Bucher, Davis Family and Bennet Lane.

Digital Darwinism Imminent: Wineries Must Invest in Digital or Perish

According to Paul Mabray of Emetry, wineries are ignoring the importance of digitally engaging both their existing and potential customers at their peril ...

2020 Will Bring an Explosion in Non-Traditional Packaging

Liz Paquette, Director of Brand and Head of Consumer Insights at Drizly predicts that 2020 is going to bring an explosion of non-traditional packaging variants, with a particular focus on the Ready to Drink (RTD) segment ...

True Consumer Choice Beginning to Impact Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Cheryl Durzy, CEO and founder of Liberation Distribution (LibDib), thinks the time for real consumer choice in the alcoholic beverage industry is about to dawn as consumer behavior, retailer services, and increased 3-tier access trends converge. For wineries this presents an opportunity, but is no slam dunk.

3 Years of Hurt on Horizon, but Despite Challenges Wine Remains...

Few people have the vantage point of Carolyn Wente, 4th generation winegrower and CEO of Wente Vineyards in the Livermore Valley.

Bolstering Grapevines to Handle the Effects of Climate Change

Bolstering Grapevines to Handle the Effects of Climate Change: BluVite (pronounced bloo veetay) was developed in Italy by BluAgri about 10 years ago to help grape growers deal with the inevitability of climate change. Enartis USA began trialing it here in the US in 2018.