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Afternoon Brief, March 6

Ballot Measure to Protect Napa County’s Forests and Its Water Resources Filed for 2020 General Election: Napa Growers and Vintners for Responsible Agriculture has requested that the Napa Department of Elections prepare a title and summary for the Napa Valley Water Sustainability Initiative to be voted on the November 2020 ballot...

Afternoon Brief, April 28

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Picking Wine Grapes by Machine Means Better Efficiency with No Loss in Quality The truth of the matter...

Afternoon Brief, March 22

New Company Breaks Barriers to Distribution for Small Producers Consolidation continues to make distributors bigger and fewer while the number of producers grow with new small producers enter the market. The vast majority of wineries in the US produce less than 5,000 cases, and theyve been effectively blocked from three-tier distribution because distributor giants wont take them on, but thats about to change...

Afternoon Brief, November 21

Huneeus Vintners Buys Napa Valley's St. Clement Vineyards from Treasury Wine Estates: Treasury Wine Estates has sold Napa Valley's St. Clement Vineyards to Napa-based Huneeus Vintners LLC, according to public records and company representatives...

Afternoon Brief, July 28

Wine auctioneer charged with grand theft: Joshua Krummenoehl, of Brooklyn, New York, was charged late June with multiple counts of grand theft involving alleged victims from various states, including California, Hawaii, New York and Colorado...

Afternoon Brief, June 27

Excessive Drinking Kills 1 in 10 Americans: If people moderated their alcohol intake and avoided excessive drinking, it would prevent 10 percent of the deaths that occur in this country every year in people between the ages of 20-64...

Afternoon Brief, June 23

Europeans testing sulphite-free preservation of wine: Europeans, well-known for their love of wine, are testing a novel preservation method aimed at significantly reducing or even eliminating sulphites, which can cause allergic reactions in some people...

Rebranding the wine with the worst reputation in the world

In the mid-nineties Lambrusco had become synonymous with Riunite, a cheap, low alcohol sweet wine that sommeliers wouldn’t allow anywhere near their wine lists,...
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