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Consumer Insights Show Cannabis’ Impact on Wine

While the 3rd Annual Wine & Weed Symposium offered ideas to both camps on how to work together, utilizing marketing strategies, and integrating more women into the ranks, the critical piece of information that many in the audience were waiting for was presented during Jessica Lukas’ session, “The Cannabis Impact on Wine”.

The Growing Impacts of Cannabis on Wine Explored by Industry Experts...

As cannabis products continue to infiltrate huge sectors of the consumer marketplace, the wine and alcohol beverage industries are grappling with either real or perceived threats to their own market shares due to the sweeping popularity of the herb.

Afternoon Brief, July 16

French ministers' plans to require bigger health warnings on bottles of wine have provoked a furious response from leading chateaux, which say the move would damage 'the soul of France' and turn wine into a 'criminal product'...

A Detailed Look at the Cannabis Consumer

The curious, the fearful, and the opportunists will all have an occasion to get a glimpse of who the cannabis consumer is and what opportunities or concerns there may be to glean for the wine industry.