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New Sources of Revenue for Winery Associations Up for Debate

As historic funding sources dry up and impact marketing budgets, vintner associations look to new ideas to increase revenue. Business Improvement Districts (BID) for the wine industry may be the answer, but change always comes with growing pains. If BIDs are adopted by the wine industry, should individual AVAs work together to promote their region?

The Third Annual Wine and Weed Symposium Revealing a Growing Harmony

“With cannabis, there’s a lot of independent thinking going on; like in the wine industry, These are dream chasers, no matter how daunting the chase might be.”

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2019: Apostle of the American Dream in...

Rolando Herrera is being honored as one of Wine’s Most Inspiring People by the Wine Industry Advisor. Herrera is an outstanding winemaker, overseeing his own family winery, Mi Sueño, and previously serving as Director of Winemaking at Paul Hobbs Winery and Paul Hobbs consulting. His joyous attention to detail and tireless venture for “beautiful” wine make Herrera a gifted winemaker. His journey to becoming a winemaker, and the joy he shares along the way, has made him a great inspiration.

Mouthfeel Lessons Learned – Troubleshooting Fermentations

“Mouthfeel, or how a wine feels on your cheeks and tongue when you taste it, is one of the most important sensory aspects that communicates ‘quality’ in a wine,” says Alison Crowe of Plata Wines.

Wine Nots; A Gift to Red Wine Drinkers

The red wine swirls in our glass and soft laughter rings, red wine is indeed a gift from the heavens. However, another experience follows close on the heels of a few glasses, the vision of stained teeth greeting us in the mirror. We can all enjoy our wine fearlessly now that an enterprising woman from North Carolina has come to our rescue with a savvy product called Wine Nots.

Cannabis Beyond the Black Market, Blurring Medicinal and Recreational Use

Silver has been witness to some illuminating trends since the industry was allowed to open its doors wide. “One of the interesting phenomena, we’ve actually seen with the opening up of the recreational markets is an increase in the sales of our medical brand, Care by Design. It’s far outpaced the growth of some of our recreational brands, which are also growing substantially. I think what’s happening is that people who weren’t comfortable going into a dispensary under the system where you had to go see a physician. Now, you can just go in, and what we’re seeing is friends are bringing friends in saying, ‘Look, come with me and I’ll show you’.”

The Common Threads of Wine, Women, and Weed

Erin Gore has the unique perspective of being a very successful businesswoman in two key North Coast industries. She helps run the Gore Family Vineyards in Healdsburg and has a very successful cannabis business, Garden Society. Ned Fussell of Cannacraft said that Gore is a “pillar in the wine industry breaking down barriers and displaying true leadership.”

Cannabis and Wine, Unlikely Bedfellows Fall Under Similar Scrutiny

As Sonoma County Supervisors weigh and discuss how the cannabis industry should be regulated, concern is rising that those regulations could in turn affect other agricultural industries in the county. As the cannabis industry reels from restrictions, Sonoma County is losing potential business and tax dollars while cannabis growers leave their operations to counties with fewer restrictions.

Top 10 DTC Sales Growth Practices

Bryan St. Amant of VinterActive LLC has been doing VinQuest research for more than a decade, producing data that illustrates which tactics have been successful for wineries seeking more direct to consumer sales. VinQuest 2018 Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report was created to help growth-oriented wineries succeed, utilizing this data.
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