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Making First Impressions with Secondary Packaging

Presentation packaging has many forms and their structure is as important as their design...

Afternoon Brief, October 2

Californian Wine Hits Back at Arsenic 'Propaganda': The body representing Californian winemakers has refuted claims made in a study released this week that said potentially dangerous levels of arsenic are present in nearly all American red wine...

Afternoon Brief, September 28

Sonoma County Harvest Fair's Sweepstakes Wine Winners Revealed: A sauvignon blanc, a pinot noir and a late harvest semillon won the coveted sweepstakes awards Sunday at the Sonoma County Harvest Awards Gala, with two of the three hailing from the Russian River valley appellation...

Afternoon Brief, August 7

Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison: Rudy Kurniawan, the first person to be tried and convicted in a U.S. federal court for counterfeiting wine, was sentenced today to 10 years in prison...

Afternoon Brief, August 1

Scientists use grape chemistry to forecast wine flavour: Researchers in Australia believe they may be able to influence a wine's flavour and aroma by manipulating the chemical make-up of grapes while still on the vine...
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