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Afternoon Brief, July 29

Northern California Wildfire Jumps Line, Forces Evacuations: More than 200 people were ordered from their homes Tuesday when a wildfire jumped a containment line east of California's Napa Valley wine country in one of several blazes burning across the state

Update on Grapevine Red Blotch Associated Virus

By Judit Monis, Ph.D. Eurofins STA Laboratories Grapevine red blotch associated virus (GRBaV) is different from most other known grapevine infecting viruses in that its...

Revision of CDFA regulations governing grapevine nursery stock production

The California Grapevine Registration & Certification Program, administered by CDFA, aims to eliminate specific grapevine diseases such as leafroll, fanleaf, corky bark, stem-pitting and fleck that are spread from vine to vine by grafting and/or vegetative propagation