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Afternoon Brief, June 13

Republic National Distributing Company and Young’s Market Company Announce Expanded Partnership: Republic National Distributing Company and Young's Market Company today announced a definitive agreement to partner in all markets in which Young's currently operates. The joint venture partnership expands upon Young's and RNDC's existing partnership in Arizona...

Clean Wood: The Multi-Faceted Processes for Keeping Disease-Free Vineyards

These processes are changing, with farmers pushing for better and multi-pronged approaches to keeping their vineyards clean. They are not excited about the idea of replacing their vines every 15 years instead of every 30, or hoping that in receiving a new order, they get 96% of the vines clean, yet not expecting that all will be.

Discuss Sampling Strategies and Disease Detection with Judit Monis, Ph.D.

Come visit with Judit Monis, Ph.D. and her staff to discuss sampling strategies and the newest technology applied for grapevine disease detection. Pick up...

Afternoon Brief, March 31

Figures reveal Robert Parker's declining influence on Bordeaux wine pricing: Such is Parker's present effect on the Bordeaux market that The Wine Investment Fund uses his scores as one of three pillars by which it measures the relative value of one wine against another...

Afternoon Brief, March 9

1 in 5 Chinese Wines Close to European Standard: In the wake of a major tasting of Chinese wines, leading French wine critics Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve have claimed that one-fifth of the country's wines entered were "very good"...

Afternoon Brief, March 2

Spadarotto named Coppola successor CEO: Steven Spadarotto moved from the helm of a major Napa Valley winery to became co-CEO of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola's resort, dining and most of his wine businesses...

Afternoon Brief, February 23

GMO-free molecular genetics launch golden age of disease-resistant grapes: Advanced molecular genetic techniques are allowing scientists to breed disease resistance from wild grape varieties into susceptible domestic cultivars used for making wine, writes Andrew Walker...

Afternoon Brief, February 13

Among Treasury Wine Estates' key initiatives in the U.S. market in recent months has been a renewed emphasis on the $10-$20 price area, a strategy that is now yielding growth on several of its main brands...

Afternoon Brief, February 6

UNSW researchers have equipped a vehicle with cameras and robotic technology to help Australian wine producers better predict the coming grape yield, knowledge that could save the local industry as much as $200 million a year...

Afternoon Brief, January 19

The growth of premium wines is being restricted by major grocers and tough economic conditions, despite more adventurous consumers seeking them out...

Afternoon Brief, November 17

California drought puts water thievery on rise: As California's drought has grown more extreme this year, so have efforts to obtain water some now veering toward the criminal...

Afternoon Brief: November 7

And the best wine retailer in America is?: In my travels and lectures I am often asked, and by often I mean many times a day, who I feel the best retailer in U.S. is, and should distributor X and supplier Y sell their wines/ spirits/crafts there?...

Afternoon Brief, October 24

New AVAs Put Paso Robles in Wine Industry Big Leagues: On the heels of a top national ranking from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Paso Robles Wine Country is rolling out an expanded set of sub-brands to put it on equal footing with Napa and Sonoma Counties...

Afternoon Brief, October 20

Ignorance of the Endangered Species Act Could be Costly for Vineyards and Wineries: When President Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) into law on December 28, 1973, it must have been hard to predict how the legislation would impact agricultural practices decades into the future...

Afternoon Brief, September 19

Sta. Rita Hills Winegrowers Fight Proposed AVA Expansion: Unknown a decade ago, Sta. Rita Hills is now one of the most-respected regions in California for Pinot Noir. No wonder one vineyard owner outside its borders and one actually on the border want the AVA expanded to include them..