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Afternoon Brief, August 2nd

Why 'Regenerative Viticulture' Is Gaining Ground Among Major Wine Producers: Moët Hennessy, Jackson Family Wines and Torres are adopting a ‘regenerative’ approach to viticulture – but what does it involve, and why are these famous producers making the move...

Afternoon Brief, August 18th

Redefining the Definition of Balanced Wine: Talking about “balanced wine” used to be perfectly acceptable—until about ten years ago, when the term suddenly became politicized...

Crop Protection Device Saves 95-100% of Grape Damage in Vineyards

Every year in California alone, vintners and farmers lose millions of dollars to birds feeding on their grapes, seeds, and crops. Veraison is a...

Afternoon Brief, September 11

Why X Marks the Spot for Selling Wine - Generation X, the most infamously pilloried and self-deprecating population cohort the world has known since it started naming generations, may finally get its due ...

A Study in Vineyard Bird Aversion: Paradise Ridge Winery

One of a vineyard manager’s worst early morning sights is walking among their vineyard and finding fruit damaged by birds. To combat this force...

Safe, Easy, and Cost-effective Way to Repel Birds from Your Vineyards

Sitting with friends in Healdsburg in 2015, Roger Snow had an epiphany. Birds were all over the area, when suddenly two red-tailed hawks flew...

Afternoon Brief, May 17

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: 2016 Bordeaux: Wine Futures Prices and Analysis Bordeaux's en primeur campaign is officially under way. Now that the...

Innovative Technique Uses Kites to Repel Unwanted Birds from Vineyards

The practice of controlling nuisance birds in vineyards or other open spaces where they can wreak havoc to business is nothing new. In fact,...

Afternoon Brief, November 18

Sonoma’s ‘Worst Road’ Gets a Winery: It took a four-and-a-half-hour meeting, over 20 public speakers and sometimes testy exchanges between county officials, but on Tuesday the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to approve the final EIR for Belden Barns, the proposed 55-acre winery and creamery at 5561 Sonoma Mountain Road...

Afternoon Brief, November 17

Treasury Wine Estates Complaint to Tmall Over 'Fake' Penfolds: Just a week since Tmall wrapped up the much-anticipated Singles Day online festival that brought in about US$18 billion for Alibaba, and the online retailer has received an official complaint from Treasury Wine Estates...

A Scary Invention

He is president of Hot Foot America, inventor of the WINnovation Award winning Fright Kite, and has worked with bird control for decades excluding...

Afternoon Brief, November 10

Constellation Shares Fall 8% After Trump Victory: The initial reaction was for shares to slump on fears of protectionism but 24 hours later London is more than 2% ahead of where it stood on the eve of the US polls...

Five Wine Industry Innovators Honored with 2016 WINnovation Awards

Whether in solving a problem or seeing an opportunity, these five wine industry suppliers used their ingenuity and knowhow to develop innovative products and...