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The Growing Impacts of Cannabis on Wine Explored by Industry Experts...

As cannabis products continue to infiltrate huge sectors of the consumer marketplace, the wine and alcohol beverage industries are grappling with either real or perceived threats to their own market shares due to the sweeping popularity of the herb.

New Collective Brings Applied Research, Collaboration to Winemaking Community

Winemakers have been long been among the original experimenters; that is, those willing to employ trial and error methodologies and information gleaned from other colleagues to continually improve their vintages.

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2019: Oregon’s Wine Culture Disruptor

Right from the get go, it was a lively curiosity grounded in unpretentiousness that led Ryan Harms to the Oregon terroir and marked his ascent as CEO of one of the biggest brands in the state.

One Man’s Idea Becomes Leading Filtration and Remediation Solution for Wine...

The method Tudhope developed worked so well, he started VA Filtration South Africa in 1999 to focus on vinegar removal for wineries in the Western Cape. 

Consumer Expectations and Decreasing Tasting Room Traffic Call for Innovative DTC...

It comes back to understanding who the customer is, what they want and building a relationship around that in order to maximize sales.

Oxygen Transfer Rates: Small Amounts Can Mean Big Differences to Wine...

Gone are the days when screw caps and synthetic cork wine closures automatically translated to inferior wine. Most industry professionals today agree that technological advances in how wine is sealed have not only protected the contents as well as natural cork, but also created more options for winemakers seeking innovative ways to continually improve their craft.

Making the Most of Dwindling Customer Engagement Opportunities

The biggest difference between tasting rooms and wine clubs that perform beyond expectation and those that don’t, is an organizational commitment to employee training, according to the 2017 VinQuest direct to consumer benchmark report.

Expanded 2018 WIN Expo Conference Stacked with Wine Business Experts

The 7th annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo (WIN Expo), the second largest wine industry trade show in North America, has bolstered the conference portion of its program this year to address the increasing complexity of issues facing the wine industry.

Creating a Dialogue Where Wine and Weed Intersect

The big difference is that one of these substances has been legal in the U.S. for commercial purposes since 1933. The other is gaining legal status somewhat painfully, state by state, and does not yet enjoy federal protections under the law.

North Coast AVAs Take Center Stage in Wine Competition to Decide...

“Arguably, some of the best wines produced in the world are made right here, in our own backyard.”

Expert Wine Marketer, Eric Guerra, to Keynote Closing USBevX Session

With more than 14 years in the business, Guerra has managed an impressive number of iconic wine brands, including industry icons like Kendall-Jackson and Mumm Napa, as well as Gary Farrell in the Russian River Valley, Campo Viejo in Rioja and the prestigious Maison Perrier-Jouët Champagne.

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2018: Wine Business Educator and Influencer

Ray Johnson’s life and career in wine has touched the lives of thousands. Here is just a snapshot of comments from a few people who have been inspired by Johnson as a teacher, mentor, colleague and friend.

Ray Johnson: “Making Great Wine Is Not Enough”

Ray Johnson has been the Executive Director of the Wine Business Institute (WIB) at Sonoma State University since 2010.  In that position, he has successfully worked to raise the visibility and viability of the department and helped to generate millions of dollars in support of its students, faculty and programs.

Young Winemakers Paving the Way for Development of Industry in Eastern...

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone Frank Morgan thinks the way he got into wine isn’t much of a story, but he’s wrong. It began more than a...

Acquisitions Impact on North Coast Grape Growers Hard to Predict Due...

Impacts from Fires Still Unknown but Believed to Be Minimal. Glenn Proctor has been in the business of predicting market trends for the wine industry for thirty plus years, and he’s seen his share of ups and downs.