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WIN Webinar: DTC Wine Trends to Pay Attention to: Increasing Sophistication...

With more wineries adopting DTC, the wineries that architect a customer experience and modernize their operations, technology, and supply chain to meet the high...

How to Ship Wine to 30+ States at a Reasonable Price

When I first started in this business I asked around to other wineries regarding many aspects of the business. Many wineries have chosen to...

Sophisticated Monitoring System Can Detect Temperature Damage to Wine in Transit

No one knows exactly how much wine may become damaged due to temperature fluctuations during transport, but data collected by a savvy entrepreneur suggest the problem is much more widespread than commonly believed.

Insults and Discrimination Define Senate Passage of Wine Shipping Legislation

(Lansing, MI, October 20, 2016)—The Following Statement from Executive Director Tom Wark of the National Association of Wine Retailers is in response to the...

Afternoon Brief, April 21

Water into wine: How California vintners conserve H20: Local grape growers, especially those with a sustainability focus, haven't just started paying attention to water use, says Steve Sangiacomo, one of three third-generation siblings running Sangiacomo Family Vineyards south of Sonoma...

Afternoon Brief, January 26

Sonoma County to be official 2016 Super Bowl wine: Sonoma County wine producers will be the official suppliers for Super Bowl 50 in the Bay Area 2016, it was announced Friday at an annual gathering of the county's tourism and wine industry boosters...

Afternoon Brief, January 21

Breakout Year Ahead for U.S. Fine Wine Business: Silicon Valley Bank, a leading provider of commercial banking services to the innovation sector and the wine industry, released its Annual State of the Wine Industry Report in a live broadcast from the SVB TV studio today...

Afternoon Brief, July 11

Will El Nino be enough to break California’s drought?: California is stuck in an oppressive drought. For nearly a year, drought conditions have domination the states landscape, resources and concerns. According to the latest Drought Monitor report, 79 percent of the state is in extreme or exceptional drought as of July 8...
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