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Impact Napa: Doing Business in the Time of COVID

Join us for our 13th annual Impact Napa Conference. This year, the panel will focus on doing business in the time of Covid. Panelists...

Afternoon Brief, September 11

Why X Marks the Spot for Selling Wine - Generation X, the most infamously pilloried and self-deprecating population cohort the world has known since it started naming generations, may finally get its due ...

Upcoming Seminar Highlights Legal Challenges Facing Wine Industry in 2020

“If all of the brokers and analysts are correct, we’re heading into another tough cycle for our wine industry,” predicts George Christie, President and CEO of the Healdsburg, CA based Wine Industry Network (WIN). “Tough times affect everyone. But the ones that remain the most unscathed are those trying to stay ahead of the issues and become as educated as possible.”

Afternoon Brief, August 19

Amazon Above the Law in California: Amazon is openly flouting California liquor law. In February, Amazon, doing business as Prime Now, was issued a liquor license to open a liquor store in Los Angeles. California requires businesses that offer alcohol for home delivery to have a brick-and-mortar store...

Afternoon Brief, July 31

Sonoma Wine Auction Co-Chairs Gina Gallo and Chris Jackson Spill the Beans: As we eagerly anticipate the 2019 Sonoma Wine Auction, to be held September 1921, we thought it would be illuminating to learn a little more about this year’s co-chairs, Gina Gallo and Chris Jackson, who happen to be from two of the most influential, long term Sonoma wine families ...

Afternoon Brief, July 11

Wine Industry Needs Improvement on Emergency Preparedness: The wine industry received a C+ grade on preparedness for catastrophic events, such as wildfires and earthquakes, that could potentially cripple a business, according to survey released Wednesday by Sonoma State University...

Afternoon Brief, April 24

Why Scientists Are Studying Sommeliers’ Brains: Twenty-five sommelier students outperformed an untrained control group of 29 people at identifying a range of common wine aromas within around two months of education, according to a study recently published in the journal Chemosensory Perception ...

Afternoon Brief, April 10

2018 California Crush Report by the Numbers: The 2018 California crush report was released today, and as expected the report reveals a bountiful 2018 winegrape harvest up 6.6% in volume from 4,016 thousand tons in 2017 to 4,282 tons in 2018...

Afternoon Brief, November 5

E&J Gallo Continues Its Push on Premium: Kozel's focus, who joined Gallo 18 years ago, continues to be the company's push on premium, which has seen it gradually move beyond big volume sub $10 wines to more premium, boutique labels, such as Orin Swift, J Vineyards and Talbott ...

Dickenson Peatman & Fogarty Launches Cannabis Practice Group

SANTA ROSA- Dickenson Peatman & Fogarty (“DP&F”)  announces the official launch of its Cannabis practice group.  This group offers a specialized, full-service approach to...

Sonoma County Vintners Appoints Gregory Walsh to Board of Directors

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (April 18, 2017) – Sonoma County Vintners has announced the appointment of Gregory Walsh to the Board of Directors. Walsh is...

A Law Team for Your Wine Business Needs

Stop by to meet members of DP&F’s wine law team, specializing in ABC/TTB matters, land use, business transactions, intellectual property, employment law, and litigation. Dickenson...

Afternoon Brief, June 3

Massive Wine Fraud Sting Nets Prominent Canadian Industry Figures: Montréal police arrested 12 individuals, many in the wine industry, last month in what authorities are calling "one of the most [significant] tax-evasion schemes referring to alcohol contraband in Quebec."

Afternoon Brief, October 8

TTB Establishes 11 New Viticultural Areas Within the Paso Robles Viticultural Area: On Thursday, October 9, 2014, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau will publish a final rule in Federal Register establishing 11 new American viticultural areas within the existing Paso Robles viticultural area in San Luis Obispo County, California...

Afternoon Brief, March 24

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Duckhorn success, wine branding, hot trends at April 22 Wine Industry Conference Nathan Myhrvold -- the former chief strategist and chief...