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Wine Consumers Tasting Cabernets

By Denise Gardner I was recently at a wedding in which one of the guests brought her glass of wine to me and said, “Taste...

Trends in Eastern Winemaking

Sean Comninos, as much as anyone, symbolizes the lofty potential of East Coast winemaking. He’s young, having graduated with highest honors from the Wine School of Philadelphia in 2008. His background is diverse, having studied Marine Biology at the University of the Virgin Islands before traveling throughout Europe.

Denise Gardner: Consumers Becoming More Accepting of East Coast Wines

Denise Gardner tells the story of waiting to check out recently at the neighborhood grocery store in suburban Philadelphia, watching those in line ahead of her pick up and purchase local wines. “I’ve never had that experience in Pennsylvania before,” she says, “and I was just standing there thinking, 'wow, this is really a change, this is really something different.'"

Pennsylvania Wine Educator to Start Consulting

Starting in September 2017, Denise Gardner, enologist, production specialist, and wine educator will be launching Denise Gardner Winemaking (www.denisegardnerwinemaking.com), a new and innovative wine...