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Staying Ahead of Supply Chain Disruptions

Issues with the broken, or at best, limping along chain of supply have been a reality of life for wineries during the pandemic. It...

Thirst for Sustainability Permeates the Wine Industry

Vineyards and wineries are increasingly considering how to adopt more sustainable practices in every aspect of how they farm, the products they create, and...

2021 Mid-Year DtC Wine Data Report Highlights

Last week, SOVOS/ShipCompliant, in conjunction with Wines Vines Analytics, released its mid-year DTC shipping analysis. Though data touts some gains, Larry Cormier, general manager...

Winery eCommerce Data Reveals Keys to Growing Sales

“The number one thing wineries need to do in 2021 to grow their eCommerce sales is utilize personalization,” says Zach Kamphuis, General Manager of Commerce7...

Wineries Achieving DTC Success with Personalization, eCommerce Optimization, and Targeting Strategies

Day two of Wine Industry Network's Sales Symposium offered a multitude of data-driven insights for the direct-to-consumer oriented winery...

Pierce’s Disease Resistant Vines Now a Reality After Years of Research

Carrying a heavy economic burden for those areas of the country with infestation of the glassy winged sharpshooter (GWSS), Pierce’s disease is a plant pathogen, transmitted exclusively by sap-feeding insects...

Innovation Advances Natural Cork Consistency and Quality

Innovation Advances Natural Cork Consistency and Quality: The SARA ADVANCED® process is unique in its meticulous treatment of corks, and has created a product that virtually takes away the guesswork of using natural corks.

What to Expect When Cal Expo Hosts the Unified Wine &...

What to Expect When Cal Expo Hosts Unified Wine & Grape Symposium for 2020: With the move to the Cal Expo for the 2020 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (UW&GS), both attendees and exhibitors might have questions about what to expect.  What will be different, how does the facility impact how the trade show is presented, and are there changes to the programming? What is the situation with lodging and transportation?

Managing the Impact of Climate Change

Managing the Impact of Climate Change: While the full impact of climate change on the wine industry remains to be seen, we are already beginning to see the initial effects of it. This year’s 8th annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo (WIN Expo) offers some insight and practical applications in the late-morning session: Managing the Impact of Climate Change; The Evolution of Vineyard & Winemaking Practices session.

Intersection of Key Findings from Two Major DTC Reports

For wineries seeking answers and comparisons, there are two major reports available which can give insights into sales and marketing trends and tactics. Released in May 2019, VinterActive’s VinQuest Report is based on a survey of wineries returning a total of 110 surveys from across the nation (although a preponderance came from CA).

Consumer Insights Show Cannabis’ Impact on Wine

While the 3rd Annual Wine & Weed Symposium offered ideas to both camps on how to work together, utilizing marketing strategies, and integrating more women into the ranks, the critical piece of information that many in the audience were waiting for was presented during Jessica Lukas’ session, “The Cannabis Impact on Wine”.

Takeaways from the 3-Tier Wine Symposium

Created to unlock the keys to successfully taking a brand to market, May 22nd’s 3-Tier Wine Symposium, produced by Wine Industry Network (WIN), did just that, taking audience members through the building blocks of creating a successful bid to market.

Menthol Is Not Mint: Decoding Freshness in Wine

Ninety or so people gathered at the Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa, CA on Wednesday, April 3rd to hear world–renown flavor expert Alexandre Schmitt speak on the topic of “Decoding Aroma Molecules in Wine & Cork” hosted by M.A. Silva USA.

3-Tier Wine Symposium: Actionable Insights to Distribution Success

The wholesale channel has always been challenging, particularly for small to medium-sized wineries, and over the last two decades, things have gotten even harder.  Many wineries have responded by focusing more energy and resources on direct-to-consumer programs, but for those that want to maintain their presence in the general market and/or grow their brand, working more effectively with their distributors is a must. Wine Industry Network (WIN) recently announced the launch of the 3-Tier Wine Symposium, a one-day conference focused on helping wine industry owners and executives navigate the complicated, but necessary, world of distributor relations.

Clean Wood: The Multi-Faceted Processes for Keeping Disease-Free Vineyards

These processes are changing, with farmers pushing for better and multi-pronged approaches to keeping their vineyards clean. They are not excited about the idea of replacing their vines every 15 years instead of every 30, or hoping that in receiving a new order, they get 96% of the vines clean, yet not expecting that all will be.