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David Ramey to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from Sonoma County Vintners...

SANTA ROSA, CA (January 25, 2022) – Sonoma County Vintners will bestow its very first Lifetime Achievement Award to legendary winemaker David Ramey as...

Afternoon Brief, January 17th

This year the Sonoma County Winegrowers annual Dollars and $ense meeting was held in conjunction with the Sonoma County Vintners, and Glenn Proctor, Board of Directors Chairman for the Sonoma County Winegrowers ...

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2020: In Pursuit of Chardonnay Perfection

It’s fitting that David Ramey has a Bachelor’s in Literature because he’s pretty much written the book on crafting fine Chardonnays from distinctive California vineyards. But his influence goes beyond Chardonnay. Ask anyone who has worked with him and they will tell you he’s the genuine article: he works the plan ...

Afternoon Brief, July 2

'To-Kalon' Napa Valley Trademark Case Against Constellation Brands Gets Amended: An Oakville-based vintner filed an amended complaint late Monday in a trademark case against beverage giant Constellation brands over the right to use the historic To-Kalon name ...

Afternoon Brief, October 17

Big Wine Brands' Bizarre Beginnings: Wine is weird. After grapes are plucked from vines, cleaned and crushed (or not), they're ready for fermentation. Eukaryotic microorganisms go in, consume sugar, and burp out carbon dioxide and alcohol...

Afternoon Brief, May 23

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Can-Do Attitude: Avoiding Pitfalls with Canned Wine Winemakers discuss tips and best practices for packaging wine in the...

Afternoon Brief, April 9

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Battle for Napa Valley’s Future: Proposed Curb on Vineyards Divides County Fifty years ago Monday, Napa County passed...

Afternoon Brief, September 25

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: A Pathway to Wholesale Success for the Small Producer "There is an inherent David and Goliath dynamic in...

Rosé Revealed: 9 Winemakers Share Their Styles & Approaches

Rosé is definitely the big buzz these days, with wine drinkers of all ages, and not just millennials (21 to 39) going crazy for rosés of all hues. Pantone’s 2016 color of the year was, unsurprisingly, Millennial Pink, and it is still showing up all over.

Afternoon Brief, February 3

Basketball's Tim Duncan Suing Terroir Founder Charles Banks: NBA star alleges he was misled on winery fund and other investments; Banks denies all claims...

Afternoon Brief, October 28

How bad is the California drought?: Across California, from the manicured lawns of Beverly Hills to sun-baked farmers' fields, they are praying for rain this winter. But "El Nino," the weather phenomenon which sometimes brings storms, will be "weak" and "offer little help" to the desperately parched state...
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