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Afternoon Brief, June 21st

Foley Family Wines Buys Napa’s Silverado Vineyards: Vintner, finance executive and hockey team owner Bill Foley secures 300 acres of Napa vines with latest deal expanding his winery holdings...

Afternoon Brief, May 12th

Global Wine Production: Northern Hemisphere Countries Suffer While Southern Hemisphere Winemakers Thrive: Bad weather conditions in the EU hampered wine production in 2021 but the southern hemisphere recorded record highs in production: balancing out wine production figures at a global level...

Afternoon Brief, March 15th

Grape Growers and Winemakers Try to Decide Who Bears the Cost of Smoke Damage: Since the West Coast of the U.S. has experienced numerous wildfire events in recent years, growers and wineries are trying to answer a critical question: Who should bear the financial cost of smoke impacted grapes?...

Afternoon Brief, March 10th

Less Fertilizer, Higher Prices Await Grape Growers: A 'perfect storm' of pandemic shutdowns, geopolitics and other factors have led to decreased product availability...

Afternoon Brief, February 14th

European Union Lurches Towards Prohibition: A crunch meeting of the European Parliament could cast the terrible shadow of temperance across Europe...

Afternoon Brief, February 10th

US Treasury Pushes Alcohol Reforms: A just-published report into the US alcohol industry could be good news for consumers – but bad for wholesalers...

Afternoon Brief, December 17th

France Loses One in Six Wine Estates Over a Decade: Every day, three French grape growers or winemakers decides to give up working as an independent enterprise. What are the implications for the industry?...

Afternoon Brief, December 15th

A Perfect Storm of Disruptions Will Create a Global Champagne Shortage: It’s not your imagination: Champagne is harder to find these days. After a perfect storm of disruptions, the U.S. is currently in the early stages of a Champagne shortage that is expected to last several years...

Afternoon Brief, November 16th

Drizly Teams with 7-Eleven to Offer On-Demand Alcohol Delivery from Over 1,200 Stores: Following a successful pilot program with 190 stores, over 1,200 7-Eleven stores across Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington now offer delivery via Drizly...

Afternoon Brief, November 15th

Vintage Wine Estates Acquires ACE Cider: Vintage Wine Estates, Inc., one of the fastest-growing wine producers in the U.S. with an industry leading direct-to-customer platform, today announced the acquisition of ACE Cider, The California Cider Company, which is expected to close November 16, 2021...

Afternoon Brief, September 15th

North Coast Judge Denies Release of Wine Held in Smoke Damage Case: A Sonoma County wine grape grower had a setback in trying to convince a Lake County judge to order the release of tens of thousands of gallons of 2020 wine being held by a vintner that’s alleging hundreds of thousands of dollars in smoke damage from the fruit...

Afternoon Brief, September 13th

Wildfire Smoke Ruins Taste of Some Wines: Grapes exposed to smoke absorb chemicals that can alter — and sometimes ruin — the taste and smell of resultant wines. This “smoke taint” has become a growing concern for the industry...

Afternoon Brief, August 18th

Redefining the Definition of Balanced Wine: Talking about “balanced wine” used to be perfectly acceptable—until about ten years ago, when the term suddenly became politicized...

Afternoon Brief, May 19th

Napa County Crop Report Shows 'Devastating' Drop in Wake of Wildfires: Napa County’s agricultural production value for 2020 fell to the lowest level in nine years amid a pandemic, wildfires and smoke damage to grapes...

Afternoon Brief, March 17th

WineAmerica Releases 2021 Government Affairs Strategy: WineAmerica, the national association of American wineries, has released a document detailing its overall government affairs strategy and legislative agenda for 2021...
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