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Cashing in on Cannabis’ Stratospheric Growth

Is Your Company Missing Out on a Billion-Dollar Opportunity in Cannabis? —Kathleen Willcox Business is booming in cannabis country. Sales of legal cannabis in the U.S....

Permit Sonoma Leads “Visioning” Sessions for Cannabis Regulation

The public is greatly encouraged to be a part of the planning for the future of weed cultivation in the County over the next...

Growing Cannabis in Wine Country: The Shone Farm Project (Webinar)

In 2019, the Santa Rosa Junior College initiated a hemp cultivation project at Shone Farm to specifically identify the best agronomic practices for cultivating hemp and understand the potential terpene drift between hemp and wine grape vines. This session, led by Dr. George Sellu, Ph.D., will address these questions, provide an overview of the Shone Farm project and share his observations and insights on the agricultural impact of hemp farming in wine country.​​​​​​​

WIN Expo 2017 Wine & Weed: A New Normal on the...

When the first Wine & Weed panel discussion was introduced last year at the 2016 WIN Expo, the room was packed. Now, with the private use law upon us and taking effect in just six weeks, a “next steps” session is planned as a hot topic for this year’s Expo.

Wine & Weed a Tale of Two Industries’ Road to Recovery

By Shwa Laytart The October 2017 fires in Northern California will go down in history as the most destructive fires that California has seen. A...

Allies or Adversaries: The Wine & Weed Debate

Do you think that pot will take a huge bite out of wine sales or is this just a tempest in a teapot? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on which state you’re in, literally and figuratively.
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