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Success Stories – Reduce SO2 with Bio-Protection

Increasing public concern with sulfite content in wine as well as wine quality loss by high sulfite additions have created the need for new...

Winemaker Technical Exchange: Low SO2 Wines, Oxygen and Microbes Control

Winemakers Technical Exchange - share experiences, tips, and tools on low SO2 wines, microbial control and oxidation management About this Event Increasing public concern with sulfite...

Webinar: Polysaccharides in Winemaking

Participating to mouthfeel, texture and stability, polysaccharides are important compounds to manage during winemaking. Depending their origin - grapes, yeast, wood or other plants...

Phenolic Structure and Color Stability in Red Wines

This webinar will focus on red wine phenolic structure and color stability. We will discuss together about winemaking tools and practices to protect your...

Afternoon Brief, August 30

‘Terroir…Is That a Dog?’ Survey Exposes Wine Knowledge: Wine experts have grappled with a definition of terroir for decades, but more than one in four Britons surveyed thought that it referred to a small breed of dog, according to results published this week. While 34% did correctly connect terroir to wine, another 30% of respondents believed it was a type of French horror film ...

Phenolic Compounds Management in Whites and Roses

This webinar will focus on the pre-fermentation steps of white wines process to limit phenolic compounds extraction, optimizepress fractions and stabilize wine from oxidation. ...

Oxygen Management: From Harvest to Bottle

Sometimes beneficial but often detrimental, oxygen plays a crucial role in winemaking and wine quality. When not controlled, oxygen can be responsible of many...

Afternoon Brief, November 5

E&J Gallo Continues Its Push on Premium: Kozel's focus, who joined Gallo 18 years ago, continues to be the company's push on premium, which has seen it gradually move beyond big volume sub $10 wines to more premium, boutique labels, such as Orin Swift, J Vineyards and Talbott ...

Afternoon Brief, June 6

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Richard Mendelson's Appellation Napa Valley: Building and Protecting an American Treasure Wins International Prizes Richard Mendelson's Appellation Napa...
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