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Afternoon Brief, November 27

California Winery Should Lose Oregon Licenses for Label Violations, Says OLCC: California winery Copper Cane should lose its licenses to distribute wine or do retail business within the state of Oregon, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has recommended...

Afternoon Brief, June 26

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: California White Wines Innovate Both Within and Beyond Chardonnay With expansive growing regions and a world-class reputation, California...

Afternoon Brief, January 29

Your Favorite Beer and Wine Brands May Soon Be Hidden at the Supermarket: If your drink of choice hails from a craft beer label or a small vineyard, you might soon have trouble finding it at the supermarket...

Afternoon Brief, October 8

Cabernet Outgrows Chardonnay Off-Premise Sales in Long Term Projection: Over the last year the volume of Cabernet Sauvignon sold off-premise grew 4.8% compared to a 0.7% growth for Chardonnay, which has been the biggest varietal wine for decades, but may now have a serious threat to its dominance...