Smart Packaging, Tech Labels, and Emerging Technology in Marketing the Wine Brand on the Bottle

As the wine world, like all business sectors, struggles to adapt and adopt emerging technologies in communicating messages to existing and potential customers, Professor Damien Wilson says the base root of the issue may be that we are not communicating the message that the consumer wants to hear.

A Combined Authentication and Marketing Solution for Wine and Spirits

The idea of Prosurix, a counterfeit detection software, came to long-time wine and spirits retailer Steve Glamuzina about four years ago when he heard about the counterfeiting of the famed Italian wine, Sassicaia, and rampant counterfeiting of other collectible and expensive wines.

Prosurix, a Solution for Authenticating Wine & Spirits, Set to Launch Nationally

App developed in Buffalo, NY combats counterfeiting while educating consumers; Prosurix set to launch at annual USBevX trade show in Washington, DC Buffalo, NY – Before you uncork your next bottle of wine or pour your favorite spirit, are you sure the product is what the label says it is? Prosurix is an app designed to […]

New Marketing and Patented Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Touches Consumers at Point of Sale and Guarantees Authenticity

Visualize, if you may, that you have just released a superior vintage wine. You have received great industry reviews and are excited to see how consumers will take to your new offering. In the past, you would have to wait to see how sales are doing to gauge consumer interest. Your sales reps would have […]