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How to Get a ‘Get’: Cultivating the Media by Not Asking...

by Alan Goldfarb “I haven't been able to taste (Your Winery Client’s Names Here) but would be happy to if they are willing to send...

Beer and Cider Marketers Understand Consumers Better Than Their Wine Counterparts

by Alan Goldfarb It was in the early ‘90s that the wine industry was falling all over itself in the horrified belief that it was...

PR Flacks: Turn On/Tune In to the New World of Radio

by Alan Goldfarb I’ve had an intimate relationship with radio since I was a kid listening in Brooklyn to the the din of Vin Scully’s...

Wine PR: Doing Due Diligence Thru the Blogosphere Miasma

What is a flack to do? When winewriters are dropping off the face of the Earth faster than icebergs, to whom does a winery publicist turn to get PR/accolades/reviews when the writer pool is evaporating?