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Afternoon Brief, November 24

‘Great Napa Valley wines will rival Bordeaux First Growths’: Moet-Hennessy Estates & Wine CEO: Jean-Guillaume Prats, Moet-Hennessy Estates and Wine CEO, says he believes great wine produced in Californias Napa Valley will rival the finest Bordeaux in future years...

Afternoon Brief, November 21

Napa Winemakers Argue Over the Valley's Visual Image: If you've never heard the term "viewshed" - like "watershed" - welcome to Napa Valley. The essence is that Napa's bucolic look is an asset that can't be messed with...

Afternoon Brief, November 20

5 Wine Industry Innovators Honored with WINnovation Award: The business of wine is in a continual state of evolution with new markets, new consumer trends, new challenges and new solutions provided from the businesses trying to capture, shape or overcome them...

Genesis: An Evolution in Wine Preservation Technology

The Genesis device is the latest in a wide range of wine preservation devices available to help preserve the wine while drinking it. In...

5 Wine Industry Innovators Honored with WINnovation Award

The business of wine is in a continual state of evolution with new markets, new consumer trends, new challenges and new solutions provided from...

Afternoon Brief, November 19

WineGavel Founder Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement: Former WineGavel online auction house founder and president Joshua Krummenoehl, who was arrested in New York in July on charges of grand theft by embezzlement for auctioning clients wine and never sending them the proceeds, has pleaded guilty in a Napa court...

Afternoon Brief, November 18

Winemaker Without Vines in View as Treasury Emulates Coke: Many vintners would love to own enough wine country to cover Manhattan twice over. Not Treasury Wine Estates, maker of $850-a-bottle Penfolds Grange...

Afternoon Brief, November 17

California drought puts water thievery on rise: As California's drought has grown more extreme this year, so have efforts to obtain water some now veering toward the criminal...

Experts Foresee Dynamic Market for Mergers & Acquisitions in 2015

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone Wine industry financiers are predicting robust activity for winery and vineyard mergers and acquisitions throughout the remainder of 2014 and heading...

Wineries Speak Up About the Benefits of Using Natural Cork

A growing list of leading wineries, including St. Francis, Bogle and Fetzer, are speaking up about the benefits of using natural cork. They recognize...

Constellation Pilots Innovative BioFiltro Wastewater Treatment System

Constellation plans to put millions of earthworms to work in 2015. Don’t worry, they won’t be making the wine, they’ll be cleaning the wastewater...

Afternoon Brief, September 9

Did Napa Quake Unearth Groundwater?: According to one news report, the 6.0 earthquake reportedly allowed groundwater to surface in dry creek beds and streams. Its not the first time seismic events have changed the course of water...

The Demand for Sustainability Resonates with the Wine Industry

Sustainability in vineyard operations and wine making is nothing new. For many wineries it has been an integrated, albeit unspoken, part of their operating...

Sonoma County Winegrowers Field Day Takes Comprehensive View on Sustainability

Friday, August 8th the Sonoma County Winegrowers held their 14th annual field day with a focus on sustainable winegrowing. The event filled the Agricultural...

All American Containers Pioneers Packaging Retail Concept for the Wine Industry

Last year All American Containers (AAC) moved to a new location in Windsor with a 35,000 square foot warehouse space and room for their...
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