Acquiring Customer Information – First Contact

One of the best ways to gain information about your customers’ appreciation of wine, wine drinking habits, the types of wine they enjoy and how often they buy, is in person. Whether it is at the winery or an outside tasting, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about your customers that will help […]

Old & New Ways to Learn About Your Customers

A month ago, at the WIN EXPO, a yearly event in Sonoma County, I was moderating a session: The Technology Impact on Wine Sales. The session dealt with the different uses of technology in the area of customer information. Not only does technology help us reach customers, it helps us reach them in the ways […]

The Importance of Your Winery’s Value Proposition

All should have a clearly defined value proposition. If by any chance your winery doesn’t have a written value proposition, it is time to start writing. There is plenty of information online to help you along. A value proposition is “an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.” […]

Good Customer Service: It’s All About the Small Things

As we get closer to the upcoming holidays, you are going to see more winery visitors in the hospitality center. Wineries will experience more over the phone orders and more online orders. However, as busy as it gets, visitors and callers should still get the best service you can give them. If those who are […]

What’s in a Name?

If you want to sell something, the first step is to introduce yourself, and not just by saying: “Do you need help?” but by giving them your name, “Hello, I’m Susan, may I help you?” The second step is discovering the name of the person to whom you are speaking to and using it occasionally […]

Are You Ready for the Weekend?

Happy Thanksgiving! After a wonderful day with family and friends, it is back to work on Friday and through the weekend for some of the busiest days of your year. You should be smiling non-stop for three days, except for breaks. You don’t have to smile during your breaks, but you probably will, because it […]

Setting Sales Goals

Sometimes goal setting is measured on what management would like to see; rather than what is a reasonable increase or numbers that your sales staff can accomplish. Start with checking what the sales goals are for the current and for past years. Have you consistently been able to meet your goals? In the year/years you […]

Connecting with Guests

Think of connections with your guests as the most valuable tool in your sales toolbox. Once you have created a connection with the people who come to your winery, the sale will be much easier and your overall sales and sales per customer should increase. The simplest way to sell your wines and the value […]

The Art of Premium Pricing

Premium (higher) pricing of wine is one way to display the quality associated with the wine. Before you decide to enter the premium pricing arena, get some opinions on what others think about your wine. Don’t go to your friends or family who may have a bias towards your wines and (for the most part) […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

It’s easy to get stuck into ruts mentally. Many times, when we come up against something new or different, we may try to fit it into the structure for similar information that already exists in our brain. By doing so we may miss something different and important about this information. I have a friend, who […]

Focus on How to Sell Rather Than What to Sell

Discover: What your customers are looking for. What has stopped them from buying (from you or others) in the past. According to Harvard Business Review: More than 50% of customer loyalty is based on the sales experience. When prospective customers come into your winery it is probable that you don’t know them. Before you start […]

Working with Your Local Tourism Board – Part 2

Continuing the theme from last week’s blog, here are more tips on working with your local tourism programs (and others) to promote your winery and increase sales.  Thanks to Thomas Salley, Director of the Wilkesboro, NC Tourism Development Authority ( for this great information. This week Thomas’s tips are on working with others, in addition to […]