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A recognized expert in the fields of direct marketing and sales in the wine marketplace. Slater has taught more wineries and winery associations how to create and improve the effectiveness of their direct marketing programs and to make the most of each customer's potential than anyone in the wine industry today. With the same humor and psychological insight she has used so effectively to understand the uniquely different challenges of wine businesses - large and small - Slater focused on co-creating WIN. Making it a direct marketing website that exemplifies everything she has discovered in more than 20 years in the wine industry and business-to-business marketing. Quick-witted and original, Slater is a sought after speaker on winery sales, marketing, customer service, advertising and management topics. Wineries listen because she has the experience and creativity in the wine trenches to support her words. After holding key marketing and sales management positions in national and international companies including the fast food, motorcycle, automotive, medical and computer industries, Slater turned her attention to wine in 1990 with the goal of starting her own wine marketing company. To learn the industry from the inside, she worked for two different wineries in four years. After developing and mastering the art of tasting room selling, she went on to handle all aspects of increasing their sales through direct marketing using the keen knowledge and insightfulness that she had used so successfully for other industries. As the owner of the wine industry-consulting firm, In Short Direct Marketing, Slater has created marketing programs and events for the Russian River Wine Road including Winter Wineland and Wine & Food Affair. Under her direction, Passport to the Dry Creek Valley became one of the most popular, sought after and acclaimed events in the industry. A born communicator, Slater teaches wine marketing courses at Santa Rosa Junior College and classes at Sonoma State, is the Vineyard & Winery Management marketing columnist, the program director of Tasting Room Profitability and a featured speaker at Wineries Unlimited. She lends her strategic planning expertise as a member of the Octagon Group in assisting different industries and businesses in rebuilding and improving their capabilities.

Turning Guests into Converts – Part Two

Welcome to part two of Turning Guests into Converts. Today, we address Categories Two and Three: Guests who come regularly to see you and...

Turning Guests into Converts – Part One

In this week and next week’s blogs we are going to take a look into the very different types of people who walk into...

Acquiring Customer Information – The Three Types

Your winery guests will usually fall into one of three categories: Category One: First time or occasional visitors who may or may not know much...

Acquiring Customer Information – First Contact

One of the best ways to gain information about your customers’ appreciation of wine, wine drinking habits, the types of wine they enjoy and...

Old & New Ways to Learn About Your Customers

A month ago, at the WIN EXPO, a yearly event in Sonoma County, I was moderating a session: The Technology Impact on Wine Sales....

Happy New Year

Not only are we heading into a new year, we are heading into a new decade.  The idea of a new decade always pulls me...

Happy Holidays

It is the time of year to celebrate and be grateful for all the joys in life. It is also time to remember all the...

The Importance of Your Winery’s Value Proposition

All should have a clearly defined value proposition. If by any chance your winery doesn’t have a written value proposition, it is time to...

Good Customer Service: It’s All About the Small Things

As we get closer to the upcoming holidays, you are going to see more winery visitors in the hospitality center. Wineries will experience more...

What’s in a Name?

If you want to sell something, the first step is to introduce yourself, and not just by saying: “Do you need help?” but by...

Are You Ready for the Weekend?

Happy Thanksgiving! After a wonderful day with family and friends, it is back to work on Friday and through the weekend for some of the...

Setting Sales Goals

Sometimes goal setting is measured on what management would like to see; rather than what is a reasonable increase or numbers that your sales...

Connecting with Guests

Think of connections with your guests as the most valuable tool in your sales toolbox. Once you have created a connection with the people...

The Art of Premium Pricing

Premium (higher) pricing of wine is one way to display the quality associated with the wine. Before you decide to enter the premium pricing...

What Is Customer Service?

After having some customer service problems with large and small companies of late, I thought it would be a good idea to write a...
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