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WIN Expo 2019

The Wine Industry’s First Automated Email Marketing System

***WORLD PREMIERE*** PreferencePro™  – Automated Wine Marketing Be the first to see PreferencePro™ – the wine industry’s first automated email marketing system designed to work with...

Get More Attention with Dimensional Labels

Are you looking for a way to get more attention than your competition and stake a larger claim on the shelf? We can show you...

Market and Authenticate Your Wine with the Latest in NFC Technology

Learn how you can market and authenticate your wine and spirits in the 21st Century! Our booth offers the latest in NFC technology to...

A Demonstration of Packaging Design for Your Price Point

A lot of our customers ask "how much should I spend on packaging?" Quest suggests good guidance is taking 10% of the RETAIL PRICE and...

New Online Training Portal for Tasting Room Staff

Come by Booth #151 to see how your winery's tasting room team can benefit from VingDirect's Online Courses. We will have a free demo of...

Find Out How to Use Video Marketing in Your Business

Come and visit Ellen at booth #524 and enter to win cool prizes and save 20% on all of our Video Marketing Packages between...
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