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Boosting Winery Efficiency with Comprehensive POS Systems


Technology is a time-saver for wineries—and a moneymaker. It helps them build relationships with consumers while smoothing the path for customers to buy wine and make reservations. However, integrating these technological solutions isn’t always as smooth for wineries as it appears to the consumer.

When wineries need a new point-of-sale (POS) system, they typically choose between two options: buying an all-inclusive solution or building a custom tech stack. Creating a proprietary tech stack can be complex, as it involves combining diverse technologies. On the other hand, choosing a pre-existing POS system requires matching the winery’s needs with the system’s capabilities and relying on the provider’s technical support.

The functionality needed varies but can include shipping, fulfillment, compliance, inventory management, reservations, email management, loyalty points, gift cards, accounting and more. When considering the tasting room experience, associates need information from the wine club fully integrated with retail and eCommerce, and reservation systems. And it needs to be available immediately when a customer enters the tasting room.

Integrating Finance, Marketing and Wine Club Management

“Wineries like to have a reservation app,” says Helene Champ of Activ8 Commerce, which makes a comprehensive POS system for wineries, distillers, and breweries. “We found that Tock is very popular in the winery world—and for good reasons—so we integrated Tock into our POS solution. If a winery uses Tock, any reservations made will appear at the Activ8 Commerce point of sale. As a result, the person using the POS system in the tasting room doesn’t have to manage two systems for someone with a reservation. It’s all in there.”

Activ8 Commerce offers a browser comprehensive solution and introduced Activ8 POS in October. A frequently requested feature by wineries is an integration with QuickBooks Online. Activ8 Commerce does just that and puts POS data into the accounting system without manual work. Additionally, the system offers three credit card processor options instead of just one.

Marketing teams and wine club managers also have a wish list of tasks they’d like to simplify. Champ is a former wine club and marketing manager, so she is very proud that with Activ8 Commerce, “When you do an email campaign, a big wine club release or allocations, you can now pre-schedule the entire process. You can set the day to send a release announcement, remind club members to pick their choices online, fulfill the allocation, ship the order and send receipts with tracking numbers. It all happens automatically. It’s a very powerful system and will even catch common mistakes for you.”

Functionality and Secure Data

One of Activ8’s enduring strengths is its functionality, and the team stays in touch with the market through weekly reviews of customer wish lists. The in-house developers have built an intelligent, sturdy and cutting-edge solution and are always there to help if a customer has questions or concerns. This dedication to customer service for its users is a hallmark of its more than twenty years of providing a DTC solution.

“We spend a lot of time with customers when they first get the system,” says Champ. “We offer customization to ensure it meets their needs and provide training for significant tasks. While the system is automated, we want to show them how to use it at least once. We also have comprehensive Help Documentation for those who prefer not to call our support line.”

Activ8’s all-in-one POS platform eliminates the need for “syncing”, saving wineries time and money. Its visually pleasing interface provides users with the dashboards and reports they need for success. Having all information in one secure database, rather than spread across several platforms, ensures it is always available and secure.

“Every entry in the system is instantly reflected everywhere,” explains Champ. “Our solution ensures all your needs are met in one solution, not in multiple systems that may break or fail to sync correctly. We have extensive data centers, backed up several times daily, providing superior security and full PCI compliance.”

To learn more about Activ8 Commerce and schedule an online demo, please visit: https://activ8commerce.com/demo/

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