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Wine with Spirit Joins Columbus Wine and Spirits Portfolio


April 29th – We are thrilled to introduce our latest partnership; Wine With Spirit of Portugal through Columbus Wine and Spirits! Initial distribution in NY and NJ will be executed through Libdib.com. Our collaboration will bring you an exquisite selection of wines, starting with the delightful Vinho Verde “Seafood & Co” and the classic Portuguese Red Blend “Bread and Cheese Red” – a perfect blend for everyday enjoyment. Priced at around $19.99, these sustainably produced wines are just the beginning.

As the warm summer months approach, we look forward to expanding our range to include more offerings from their “Food and Friends” collection. Our goal is to create a diverse portfolio with a focus on sustainable production that caters to a wider audience, emphasizing the importance of sharing good wine with friends and loved ones.

Wine With Spirit stands as a reminder that wine is about sharing with friends and the expression of when, how, and where to share these delightful offerings rings through each expression from label design to the blend in the bottle. The unique graphical design and philosophy behind these wines truly set them apart, resonating with a demographic that we are eager to connect with. From label aesthetics to the blend in each bottle, every detail is crafted to enhance your sharing experience.

Stay tuned for updates on our expanding distribution and new market entries. For distribution inquiries, please contact Larry at Larry@Columbuswineandspirits.com For media inquiries, please reach out to Jordan at Jordan@Columbuswineandspirits.com.

Cheers to new beginnings and unforgettable moments shared over a glass of fine wine!