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Bonterra Organic Estates Launches Season Two of the Soil to Soul Podcast


Unveiling Insights From Wine’s Leading Writers 

(Hopland, CA, April 16, 2024) — Bonterra Organic Estates, California’s trailblazer in organic viticulture, proudly presents season two of its podcast, Soil to Soul, designed to generate thought-provoking conversations about wine in a changing world, with themes of hope and progress woven throughout. Season two features interviews with esteemed writers, all of whom are inspiring change-makers with a deep passion for creating a positive impact in the industry and on our planet.   

Hosted by Jess Baum, Bonterra’s Senior Director of Impact, season two delves into the dynamic landscape of grape growing and winemaking, navigating topics from climate adaptation to evolving societal values. “Throughout this season’s interviews, it’s become clear that the wine industry faces pivotal challenges,” shared Baum. “Urgent action on climate resilience, inclusivity, and regenerative agriculture is now imperative for its sustainable future.”  

Season two’s eight episodes comprise thought-provoking discussions with industry luminaries Elin McCoy, Ray Isle, Wanda Mann, Kathleen Wilcox, Meridith May, Brian Friedman, Betsy Andrews, and Sophie Menin. Episodes will be released weekly, and the first episode went live on April 9. 

“Society is undergoing seismic shifts, and wine reflects that in its changing demographics and consumption patterns,” said Baum. “Amidst these transformations, I found it striking and inspiring that wine’s ability to connect individuals to history, geography, and tradition is precisely what cultivates its incredibly caring community.” 

Listeners are invited to tune into season two of Soil to Soul for captivating narratives and industry insights from wine’s top writers, celebrating the enduring spirit of the wine world and exploring its profound connections to our planet. Listeners can subscribe to Soil to Soul on their favorite listening platforms or visit Bonterra.com/SoiltoSoulPodcast to learn more. Ratings, reviews, and sharing of the podcast are encouraged. 

About Soil to Soul

The Soil to Soul podcast is brought to you by Bonterra Organic Estates in Mendocino County, California, one of the largest Regenerative Organic Certified® wineries in the U.S. Soil to Soul interviews inspiring change-makers and industry leaders passionate about making a positive impact on the industry and our planet.