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The Next Generation of Irrigation Tech Detects Clogged Emitters and Eliminates Crop Variability


Vineyard management has never been easy and crop variability is one persistent issue that has not been resolved.

Having successfully proven the technology for multiple seasons with industry leaders like E&J Gallo, Arterra, and UC Davis, Verdi has distinguished itself as the first and only commercially available solution for variable rate irrigation in vineyards.

Verdi has demonstrated significant ROI from its cutting-edge solution through higher yield and improved quality by eliminating crop variability due to soil type, elevation, vine maturity, and variety.

According to Roman Kozak, CTO and co-founder of Verdi, the technology his company has developed is able to finetune water and fertilizer applications in a way not previously possible.

“Within an existing irrigation zone, we are able to give more water to the vines that need it and less water to the vines that don’t need as much.”

“We engineered this very low-cost hardware that connects to the drip tubing on every single vineyard row,” Kozak explains. “It allows you to control an monitor as fine of a section as you want. You could get down to every single vine actually receiving a unique amount of water. That’s what’s possible with this technology.”

Verdi’s variable rate irrigation.

“We make it possible to give different irrigation strategies to vines in the same row,” Kozak confirms. “With other standard technologies, everything has to get the exact same amount of water. But if you have baby vines planted throughout your vineyard, we can give those baby vines a different amount of water than your mature vines.”

The same technology Verdi has developed for eliminating crop variability is also pioneering the way for widespread irrigation automation in vineyards. Verdi is the only company that can detect clogged or missing emitters in addition to fully automating existing valves and pumps. In contrast, automation systems on the market today only focus on automating valves and pumps which saves some labor but workers are still need to check for drip line or emitter leaks and breaks. Furthermore new value is unlocked with the Verdi Software Platform, such as automation based on prediction, using data from sensors on the field and remote imagery.

Verdi’s row level irrigation automation with drip line break and emitter clog detection.

Since its inception four years ago, Verdi has distinguished itself as the premier, modern-day platform for farm automation with continuous updates and local in-field support.

For more information on Verdi, to request a demo or to join the waitlist, go to: https://www.verdi.ag

Contact Roman at (650) 334-7838 and roman.kozak@verdi.ag

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