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Video Recap of 2023 XylPhi-PD® (Pierce’s Disease Prevention) Field Day with Bevill Vineyard Management, Sonoma


Palo Alto, CA – March 1, 2024– A&P Inphatec, a specialist developer of bacteriophages, held a field day in September 2023 in collaboration with Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness and Bevill Vineyard Management. 

In this short video recap, Armon Azevedo (Wilbur-Ellis), Matt Vogensen and Brooke Parsons (both from Bevill Vineyard Management, BVM) review 2-year treatment results for XylPhi-PD. BVM is using XylPhi-PD in a protective buffer zone strategy along Dry Creek. Blue Green Sharpshooters migrate from riparian areas into the vineyard and carry Xylella fastidiosa which causes Pierce’s Disease (PD). Results to date show no new infections at 7 different vineyards previously impacted with PD. BVM plans to continue the effective buffer zone strategy in 2024.

XylPhi-PD™ (EPA Reg. No. 93909-1) is EPA-registered and is commercially available through Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness locations. XylPhi-PD™ is OMRI-listed and approved for use in organic production

About A&P Inphatec

A&P Inphatec, LLC is commercializing the first product (XylPhi-PD™, a bacteriophage), to prevent and treat symptoms of Pierce’s Disease in grapevines. Bacteriophages are viruses that selectively infect and kill bacteria but do not infect plant or animal cells. Technical and efficacy information is available at: https://inphatec.com/xylphi_pd

About Bevill Vineyard Management 

Owned and operated by experienced leaders and innovators, Bevill Vineyard Management oversees the care of vineyards in all areas of Sonoma County and employs only the most skilled workers throughout the growing season. Financial accountability, land stewardship, sustainable and socially equitable practices form the foundation of our operations. https://www.bevillvineyard.com/

XylPhi-PD was registered in April 2019 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Biopesticide Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD). XylPhi-PD is registered for use and commercially available in the following States: California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina & Virginia.