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GOlite Expands SmartBarrel’s Reach to Primary Fermentation


The makers of SmartBarrel Wine Storage system are proud to announce the introduction of GOlite, a new fermentation head that enables primary fermentation in SmartBarrel liners. It is suitable for use with grape juice (but not grape must), cider, mead and other liquid substrates.

“We chose the GOfermenter system to minimize water use in our extreme desert location, but the benefits go far beyond water conservation,” avers Ann Torrence of Etta Place Cider in Torrey, Utah, “We are known for clean flavors because our fermentations are so hygienic in the bags, and we love the ease of clean-up when we are racking ciders.”

The new add-on tool includes a temperature probe and a sampling port with a weighted ball for dipping into the fermenting liquid. A large relief valve permits the safe venting of gas from the primary fermentation. Its sealed liner condenses volatile aromatics back into the wine, enhancing the flavor profile of the final product. This new head also eliminates the microbial and insect contamination typical of open bins. Altogether, these features, coupled with temperature monitoring and the single-use liners that require no cleaning, dramatically improve wine quality.

The reusable GOlite head is just US$295 and uses existing barrels, drums and bins to create an extremely low-cost yet versatile juice fermenter.

“The new GOlite head extends the usefulness of your SmartBarrel racking/storage system to juice fermentations,” notes Dr. Vijay Singh, founder of GOfermentor and inventor of the SmartBarrel. “The $295 device allows you to use SmartBarrel liners for primary fermentations.”

SmartBarrel Wine Storage

Smartbarrel is a popular way to store wine safely during racking and aging. Unlike rigid tanks and barrels, the SmartBarrel system uses flexible sealed liners that operate without any headspace and never require “topping off.” Cellar workers can fill containers and sample and remove wine without introducing the air that oxidizes the wine. The single-use liners — available in 60-gallon and 330-gallon sizes — also ensure perfect cleanliness, thus eliminating chances of microbial contamination. Because of the liners’ flexibility, which removes airspace, wineries can use a variety of readily available containers such as plastic drums, macro bins, totes, variable capacity (VC) tanks or even wooden barrels to provide support and stability during storage.

The SmartBarrel system’s reusable patented diptube head enables winemakers to fill, sample and remove wine. The perforated diptube ensures it always draws wine from the top first, thus eliminating tedious hand manipulation with a “racking wand.” The fill/drain port uses fittings such as a 2-inch Tri-clamp, and a sampling connector enables safe sampling with a hand sampler or cordless vacuum aspirator. The system also includes an integral relief valve that prevents potential overpressure due to gas buildup.

For the SmartBarrel system you need:

  • One reusable SmartBarrel diptube for each storage container.
  • One cordless SmartBarrel aspirator/sampler for your entire facility.
  • Single-use SmartBarrel liners (60 or 330 gallon).

For GOlite fermenter system you need:

  • One reusable GOlite head for each fermenter.
  • Cordless aspirator sampler or hand operated sampler.
  • Single-use SmartBarrel liners (60 or 330 gallon).
SmartBarrel Wine Storage Systems:
60 Gallon
330 Gallon

GOlite and the SmartBarrel system are products of GOfermentor.

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