Innovation: Vicard Cooperage Unveils Groundbreaking Cutting Profile to Enhance Barrel Structure and Prioritize Cooper Well-Being


March 4th – Aligned with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, the Vicard Group remains dedicated to continuously refining its production processes while prioritizing the health and well-being of its employees. The company’s latest pivotal innovation is the introduction of a novel stave cutting profile, employing a tongue-and-groove assembly principle. This innovation improves not only the barrel but significantly contributes to improved working conditions for the Vicard teams.


Traditional coopering requires repeated hammer strikes to level the staves during the coopering process.  The 2024 launch of this new process will reduce the number of hammer strikes by an astounding 60 to 65%. This will dramatically improve the working conditions for our valued employees and decrease the chances of occupational injuries due to repetitive motion.  A collaborative study with a health institute is underway to delve deeper into the benefits of this innovation and its impact on the health of our employees.  In addition, this new cutting profile results in a mechanically stronger barrel, with a substantial reduction in temperature-related shocks during the bending and toasting cycles. 

Over the past two decades, the company has implemented a series of innovations with the goal of designing a uniform, precise, and reproducible product. Technological advancements such as steam bending and automatic barrel handling have significantly contributed to improving the safety and health of its employees. The introduction of the radiant toasting system in 2011 marked a turning point in the industry, protecting coopers from smoke emissions and carbon monoxide.

Jean-Charles Vicard, the company’s CEO, underscores the vision behind this initiative: “We consider our coopers as our greatest asset. Through this new machining profile, our aim is not only to produce quality barrels but, above all, to create an optimal working environment that respects the health of our teams.”


Established in 1925 and currently led by its 6th generation, the VICARD Group has consistently remained an independent family business. The Vicard Group encompasses Tonnellerie Vicard cooperage, Vicard Generation 7, the stainless-steel company Mangeard, and the Merrains du Périgord stave mill. Guided by a passion for their craft, Jean-Charles Vicard and his team blend expertise, innovation, and know-how to deliver high-quality products. Vicard produces an average of 40,000 barrels per year and hundreds of tanks and casks, with 70% dedicated to export. These elements collectively establish Group Vicard as an international benchmark.