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Leading Equipment Manufacturer Provides “One-Stop-Shop” Innovation to North American Wine Community


For more than 45 years, the Criveller Group has been delivering innovative packaging and processing solutions to wine regions throughout the United States and Canada – and it just keeps getting better.

Known for its preeminent stainless steel tank manufacturing and founded on the principles of experience, dedication and cutting edge innovation, the Criveller Group, along with leading European partners, has become the go-to provider of high-quality equipment, creative design, technical expertise, and top-notch customer service.

“Our success with the business is based in the business,” explains Operations Manager Jessica Criveller. “The owners are winemakers themselves, they’re passionate about wine, so they know the needs of the industry inside and out.”

Criveller Group - The best in winery equipment and stainless steel tanks

From destemmers to filtration, the Criveller Group can handle wine processing from the ground up or with just one piece of high-tech equipment at a time. The company prides itself on manufacturing and offering a comprehensive line of products for crushing, filtering, labeling, fermenting and bottling, based entirely on client needs.

“We can walk our customers through the design of a cellar, outfit a crush pad and offer high-quality expertise staffed with onsite technicians,” confirms Criveller. “Whether it’s an artisan winery or a large producer, this company is so steeped in industry experience, we can supply everything.”

The latest innovation from the Criveller Group is the company’s C51 Crossflow, a revolutionary approach to high solids wine/juice lees filtration.

C51 High Solids Lees Crossflow - Criveller Group

This cutting-edge system represents a significant advancement in winemaking engineering by offering unmatched efficiency and performance, while also raising the bar on resulting wine quality.

The C51 Crossflow features:

  • Stainless steel membrane technology
  • High solids handling capability
  • Exceptional flow rates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Eco-friendly design

Excitingly, the C51 exhibited superior performance across key quality metrics when compared with traditional rotary drum filters.

“It’s important to develop these new technologies and expand our knowledge base so we’re able to adapt to our client’s needs,” notes Criveller. “Our ultimate goal is to set all of our clients up for success, so we’re always making sure we’re two steps ahead.”

Criveller advises new and potential clients to take a look at their cellar and crush pad needs now in anticipation of the 2024 crush to be fully equipped and ready.

For more information and orders, go to https://www.criveller.com.

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