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Innovative Software Team Brings Fun, Efficiency and Top-Notch Customer Service to CRM Product Designed for Beverage Industry


Lilypad CRM

The supplier sales rep life involves plenty of daily struggles out in the field. After years of juggling spreadsheets, endless email chains, and coffee-stained notebooks, a group of sales reps decided there had to be a better way – there had to be a system curated enough for the unique challenges of the industry. And this group of passionate sales reps decided to take matters into their own hands with the creation of Lilypad, a top-rated CRM platform developed to optimize daily processes and maximize sales across the entire spectrum of the alcohol beverage industry.

It was a tough startup with lots of learning along the way, but that learning allowed the team to refine the product and partner with craft breweries and distilleries that shared the same passion. The startup gained traction and was recently acquired by Fintech, a leading provider of alcohol industry invoice payment technology and data insights for more than 30 years.

Since the acquisition, Lilypad has taken the success it developed for the craft brewing industry into the larger sphere of wine and spirits, continuing to refine its innovative platform to better capture payments, accounting details, data management and 24/7 support for sales forces and sales teams throughout the business.

Part of that refinement includes seamless account data import capabilities. Alcohol suppliers that are hesitant to switch to a new CRM because of customer data migration can streamline this process with Lilypad’s account import tool. With just a few clicks, suppliers can import thousands of contacts, including account ID, account name, email, phone and more – they can even import client notes.

Lilypad offers a cloud account universe that allows suppliers to target accounts across the country. This solution is perfect for suppliers without a route accounting service or in need of accounts not tied to a particular distributor so they can test new markets for their products. With this capability, sales reps can collect critical information on retailers to drive sales, build distributor reports to open new relationships in new regions, and more.

“We bring a light-hearted, fun, playful vibe into our interactions with customers,” acknowledges Micah “The Sales Dude” Overton, chief Sales Executive for Lilypad. “But at the same time, we’re serious about wanting to be the best solution possible to help you grow your business.”

According to Overton, Lilypad works on a “subscription for service” basis, covering three basic tiers: sales reps, managers and administration.

For a flat monthly fee based on the number of users within the client company, Lilypad guarantees to provide:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customer Activity Management
  • Goal Setting and Activity Scoring
  • Gamification (Leaderboards/Challenges)
  • Management Reporting
  • Account Universe
  • Daily Planner
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Custom Lists
  • Cross Tier Communication and Recapping
  • Automatic Placement Tracker (requires depletion data)
  • Digital Asset Manager
  • Awesome Customer Service

“Our data integration is like nothing else you’ve seen on the market,” enthuses Overton. “Generic CRM tools don’t have the capability to integrate with depletion data, but we do. We also have a placement funnel; a tool to capture verbal commitments related to sales.”

Lilypad CRM

“It’s a different industry these days and we have the details,” Overton continues. “There’s boxed wine, canned wines, N/A wines, cocktails with wine … when you see those markets change and you have the ability to track it, the proof is in the pudding.”

Lilypad is a perfect match for prospective customers to unlock the potential for themselves and their businesses through what the app has to offer.

For more information or to request a demo, go to: https://lilypad.co.

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