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A Palette of Possibilities: Elevating Wine Bottles with Color


In the competitive world of wine retail, standing out on the shelf is all about grabbing the consumer’s attention. Wineries have experimented with catchy logos, bold lettering, textured paper and whole-bottle labels and many other packaging options to make their wine’s appearance unique. One of the most impactful ways to make a difference is with color. In a sea of black and white, a dynamic orange or brilliant blue will stand out, even when bottles shrink to thumbnail size on Drizly or TotalWine.com.

Monvera Glass Decoration recently added a new capability that allows them to spray-coat the entire bottle in any color and apply different finishes—opaque, transparent, translucent or frosted. These options generate endless combinations, from black matte to etched cobalt blue or opaque white to replace hard-to-find smalt and opal glass. Customers can have Monvera screen print the bottle label with UV inks on top of the coating or apply labels on their own bottling lines.

“We’re super excited about this brand new service because it opens such a wide range of possibilities to our clients,” says Caitriona Anderson, Monvera’s COO. “They can choose any color in the Pantone color wheel, and we can even spray-coat aluminum bottles.”

Color-Coated and Frosted Glass Bottles

In addition to standing out, colors can evoke an emotion, tell a story, recall a memory or express a feeling, as pink shouts “love” on Valentine’s Day. In addition, preferences for specific hues and whether a color is saturated, pastel or greyed out can vary by generation and gender. As consumer products move toward a higher degree of personalization, the ability to cater color and finish to specific target audiences becomes a valuable marketing asset.

“Wineries that frequently produce new products and are constantly designing new packages will be interested in the new options this offers,” Anderson points out. She adds that Monvera’s years of experience with screen-printing exclusive labels for special blends designed to keep wine club members engaged also suggests an opportunity for estate wineries to create uniquely colored bottles for special wine club editions.

The same thinking extends to wine négociants that develop packages for retailers like Costco, Trader Joe’s and Bevmo, or wineries selling wine exclusively to restaurants, allowing them to create a unique design for each of their clients. Wineries can also make specially-colored bottles for anniversaries, weddings or a founder passing away—really any occasion or project. Limited-edition packaging for holidays is also an option, such as spray coating the bottle orange and black for Halloween or, of course, pink for Valentine’s Day.

Pink is, according to Anderson, a popular color, and with this new service, designers can pick any shade of pink they want. “You’d be surprised at how many people have asked for Pepto-Bismol pink over the years,” she says, “and Barbie pink was the shade of the summer.”

The color coatings are environmentally friendly, using BPA-free, low VOC and organic water-based sprays. Once cured, labels can be directly printed or applied to the resulting durable film. Although most customers are wineries, Monvera also creates labels—and now colorful bottles—for clients producing spirits, foods and beauty products. Because the paint blocks out UV, it protects olive oil and perfume “like putting sunscreen on the glass.”

Monvera’s innovative color coating and frosting service is available now. Wineries of all sizes can step into the colorful, creative, and eco-friendly future of wine bottles. To learn more about transforming your wine bottles and leaving a lasting impression on consumers, send an email to info@monvera.com.

If you would like to see their new color-coating equipment in action, come to their open house at Monvera’s Richmond facility on Friday, December 8th. To RSVP or ask for more information, email info@Monvera.com.

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